Sounders plus minus ratings

In ice hockey they use a special statistic called a plus/minus rating. Basically what that means if you are on the ice and your team scores then your plus/minus rating goes up by one point. And if the other team scores while you are on the ice then your rating goes down a point. If you are on the bench when either happens then nothing happens to your plus/minus rating.

The NHL's 2016-2017 plus/minus winner was actually two players from the Minnesota Wild (Jason Zucker and Ryan Suter) with a final score of plus 34.

What's useful about this statistic is that it shows the positive play a player contributes to the team while on the ice. I think this statistic can also be used to gauge how well players are playing in soccer. So I did a plus/minus rating for the Sounders for every league game and every US Open Cup game and here is what I found.


* Alfaro, Tony -> -9

* Fisher, Oniel -> -6

* Jones, Joevin -> -2

* Leerdam, Kelvin -> +3

* Marshall, Chad -> -2

* Nouhou -> +6

* Torres, Roman -> +3


* Alonso, Alvaro -> -1

* Delem, Jordy -> -3

* Dempsey, Clint -> +5

* Evans, Brad -> +3

* Kovar, Aaron -> +/- 0

* Lodeiro, Nicolas -> -2

* Roldan, Cristian -> -4

* Shipp, Harry -> +/- 0

* Svensson, Gustav -> -4

* Wingo, Henry -> +3


* Adekoya, Seyi -> -3

* Bruin, Will -> +1

* Morris, Jordan -> -6

Three player ratings just jump out at me: Nouhou, Dempsey and Morris. Nouhou's rating just shows how well he is impacting the game when he comes in. Dempsey's rating is what you would expect for the best American player of all time at the peak of his game. And Morris' rating shows how much he is struggling with the Sounders right now. Only 2 goals in 16 games this season.

Do you think this statistic is beneficial when analyzing team play in soccer? Do you like it or hate it? Thanks.

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