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You will hear us from the deep

This is the leviathan. You can buy the version on the shirt.

Leviathan MLS Watercolors

From a long slumber, awakened by loud noises, it comes to defend its seas and the lands around them. It is the beast, the legend, the myth of ancients realized. This is no hydra regrowing heads. Leviathan is the mighty sea made into animal, swelling over its enemies, crashing in wave after wave.

nos audietis in alto
You will hear us from the deep

This monstrosity is preternatural, primordial. It is older than mountains, coming from a time when there was only water. It can strike like lightning, bite, claw, and smother all who oppose it. Leviathan is not our enemy. It is us.

nos audiets in somniis
You will hears us in your sleep

From the Sound it rises. It hears us sing, rewarding us with protection. It is our sword and our shield. We are not masters, but companions. It smashes timber. It shakes the earth. It bows to none. It is the cause of waves. Birds fear it. Leviathan hides stars in its massive shadows.

This is the latest Sounder at Heart shirt in partnership with Web Community Tees.

It is the Leviathan. It is not on light colors. Your choice is black, as the deep sea, or dark grey, like a stormy sky. A leviathan does not live in light.

All of our old shirts are still available. You can click on the store and find them. But in this post I want to focus on the leviathan.

There were a few design goals here

  • A new monster to replace the hydra, for various reasons
  • Something related to the sea. We landed on leviathan. In the Bible the Leviathan is the dragon of the sea, a Godly creation ready to be awakened. In Supernatural (on CW) they are a race that predates man, angel and demon. In DnD leviathans are Old Ones, greater than gods. They come from the time before, now resting and waiting. No matter the legend, no matter the reference, leviathans are among the most mighty.
  • Blue and green
  • Support for the second stanza of the site motto (nos audietis in somniis | nos audietis in alto)
  • A demonstration of how spirit can be embodied in volume (leviathans have a frightful presence and mighty roar)
  • To work with MLS Watercolors (previous designs were with Susie, Likkit, Wil and Gameday Depot)

This is our sound. You will hear us.

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