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There are no losers when everyone draws

The results of the great watercolor wager are in.

Before our last game against the Portland Timbers, I was challenged to a creative wager of sorts. The artist whose team won would get to pick a player for the other artist to paint.

The game’s result of a draw felt like a win with Dempsey scoring in the final moments, stealing a precious road point for the Sounders. In that moment, I’ll admit that I too was relieved that I wouldn’t be the only one painting my opponent.

I of course chose our hero of the day, Clint Dempsey, for artist Nicole Scragg to paint. She responded with an incredible piece.

That no one has purchased it yet* is mind-blowing to me, regardless of the donation plan. It’s a gorgeous piece of art.

To my delight, she chose the goal scorer for the Timbers on the day, Dairon Asprilla. My style, as you know, is a bit more casual. I couldn’t help putting him on a yacht of sorts.

And yes, that’s Timber Joey trying to watch out for icebergs.


*Update: the Dempsey piece sold about an hour after publishing this article.

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