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Sounder at Heart is nine

That’s basically three generations of blog-time.

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There’s a saying that the average blog lasts about three years. I’ve seen friends push that to five or six, and then they faded. I’ve watched people who changed branding. I’ve seen people start and almost immediately stop. And I’ve watched Sounder at Heart go from one-man show writing two times a week to me writing near daily with Jeremiah also writing daily and more than two dozen others writing at least once a month.

This site is massive. When I think about what it has become since we flipped the switch back on the original wordpress site to what it is now I can hardly believe it. I’m not going to review that story much.

One of the goals was to become a community. I can say that we really and truly are one of those. The comments section here is wonderful. People of different views, interests and history communicate. We make each other smarter about the game, about life. We entertain. That’s the goal really.

Sometimes our moderation team hides things. These can be violations of the guidelines or they can be items that will rapidly set things off course. Often we do not send a message on a hidden item because people think those messages are warnings, or even bannings. We don’t want to ban anyone. We like people who disagree about concepts and do so in respectful ways.

Because our comments section is so great I’ve found more people to write. Some who I didn’t like at the time, but their voices needed to be amplified. They are great friends now. And, because our comments section is so great, we also can influence the hearts and minds of all of the Sounders-sphere.

Sounder at Heart’s memes and catchphrases aren’t just inside jokes. They influence how a community shares its love for this team and this sport. As I’ve said in the past “Sounder at Heart is more than a blog.”

We are not limited to the website. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and we have the best podcast the Sounders community will ever hear. Nos Audietis are also on Twitter. I recently launched a near daily micro-podcast (also on iTunes). Our Reign coverage is at Ride Of The Valkyries and is also on Twitter and Facebook. We maintain an apparel store at Web Community Tees.

That’s probably why it made it to its third generation.

It’s because of you. It’s not because of money. It’s not because of SB Nation. It’s you. It’s the managers, the editors, the moderators, the photographers, the watercolorist, the writers, the social media gurus, the commenters, the lurkers, the players, the coaches, the front office staff, the back office staff.

Sounder at Heart is nine because the Seattle Sounders community has supported this hobby of mine beyond my wildest dreams.

Thank you.

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