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Jordan Morris really, really likes living with his parents

He also beat Jimmy Conrad in a skills challenge.

Jordan Morris may be one of American soccer’s rising stars, but he’s still just 22 years old. Like many 22-year-olds, he’s perfectly fine with the fact that he still lives at home.

Even when facing questions from certifiable soccer “legend” Jimmy Conrad, Morris wasn’t about to show even a little bit of embarrassment over continuing to enjoy the benefits of living with his parents.

Aside from ably handling Conrad’s jabs, Morris actually wins the two of the three matches of soccer tennis. Conrad claims to have never lost one of these before, and seems genuinely annoyed that Morris won the first two.

Considering this was filmed before the start of the Gold Cup, maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising he played that tournament with so much confidence. If so, we owe Conradinho a serious debt of gratitude.

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