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Appeal of Roman Torres’ red card focuses on DOGSO

Sounders think they have a strong case based on video evidence.

There may not be much chance of success, but that isn’t stopping the Seattle Sounders from appealing Roman Torres’ red card from Sunday’s game. Torres was shown a red card after fouling Jermaine Jones on a breakaway near the top of the penalty area.

“Pretty much all of my people thought it wasn’t a red, I thought it wasn’t a red,” Sounders head coach Brian Schmetzer told the media on Wednesday. “Whether that appeal goes through, who’s to say? It’s still subjective.”

Schmetzer said the Sounders put together a video presentation for the MLS Disciplinary Committee showing various angles of the play. Rather than debating whether or not a foul occurred — something around which there’s much debate — the Sounders will be focusing on the determination that Torres was guilty of denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity (DOGSO).

The four elements of DOGSO that must all be present are as follows (via

Number of Defenders -- not more than one defender between the foul and the goal, not counting the defender who committed the foul

Distance to goal -- the closer the foul is to the goal, the more likely it is an obvious goal-scoring opportunity

Distance to ball -- the attacker must have been close enough to the ball at the time of the foul to have continued playing the ball

Direction of play -- the attacker must have been moving toward the goal at the time the foul was committed

The Sounders feel as though at least two of those weren’t in place as Chad Marshall had closed the distance and was in position if Jones got past (defender) and Jones’ momentum seemed to be taking him away from goal (direction). Jones was also about 22 yards away and his only reasonable shooting lane was with his non-dominant left foot (distance).

“We feel we have a strong case and we’ll see what happens,” Schmetzer said.

A decision will likely be handed down by Thursday.

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