Bradley's a given in the middle; but who plays next to him on v. Honduras?

Would US Soccer please send an envelope of cash to Cuba to free Alonzo to play for USMNT.

If not Alonzo, though, next choice: Roldan. He has had a better season, hell a better two seasons in MLS than Acosta and Nagbe. Nagbe was up and down against Ticos, but his defensive support was weak. Roldan over Acosta because . . . well he is just better than Acosta.

Homer choice, yeah, but if I would take Roldan over Nagbe or Acosta in MLS, which I would, I sure as shooting would take him over them in WC qualifying.

(Hell, I'd play him at RB over Zusi, after Zusi's showing against Ticos, but that is a whole different story)

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