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Visit Seattle and Dave Grohl teamed up to explain why Seattle is amazing

It perfectly captures a point in our time when grunge ruled the airwaves.

Maybe it’s because I was once one of those kids who shopped at Fred Meyer and Value Village. Maybe it’s because I still hang out in basements and bars. Maybe it’s because I still love flannel shirts. Maybe it’s because I love the rain. Maybe it’s because I’m of a certain age.

Whatever the reason, this short video from Visit Seattle and Dave Grohl perfectly captures what Seattle is, or was, and why we all love living around here.

The visuals in the window behind the Foo Fighters singer are images of our city. His words talk about the Seattle of the 1990s and the love he still has for this place he called home.

“I called my mother and said ‘I think I’ve found the place for you. It’s Seattle,’” he says.

Later he describes how it was the perfect place for a person like him. Which might be why I love this video so much, as Seattle and the whole of Puget Sound is the perfect place for a person like me.

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