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Open Flavor Friday: Martial Arts

Tonight our community communes over violence, well, the art of violence when not actually performing said violence.

Longsword of a Swiss lansquenet soldier... Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images

Our weekly off-topic post usually focuses on flavor, although other subjects have been broached — the flu, many movies, D&D and more. This week, as we get to know each other a bit through what it is besides soccer let’s talk martial arts, both Western and Eastern. Yes, this is inspired by the Sounders archery event.

For most of us martial arts are no longer about training to fight, but instead the study of how people used to fight and what has become science and art.

Archery is one of those. I started my archery journey in Scouts, and it continued in the SCA. There I managed to also study the joy of being a light fighter. In their parlance that means people were not allowed to hit me about the head and neck region. Instead I used javelins, with a tennis ball at their point, and leather armor that was barely reinforced. I also started training, but never took part in a fight with a sword and shield as I matured. Unfortunately, I was never a heavy, wearing armor of the ages.

I also studied a type of karate called Coung Nhu. There they blend techniques from Shodikan and Aikido. I was never very good at it, but it did manage to get me doing fitness work in high school.

A possible list of martial arts specialties of various Sounders-Reign players;

  • Stefan Frei would be a Tai Chi guy. He seems to have that mentality as well as a preference for the softer and circular forms used.
  • Clint Dempsey is an archer, duh.
  • Brad Evans, who is a Sounder for life, would practice HEMA, probably with a long and short blade, for the versatility.
  • Jessica Fishlock would practice Five Animals Kung Fu, specializing in Dragon Form.
  • Nicolas Lodeiro seems like a fencer, so many delicate movements .
  • Chad Marshall clearly practices the sweet science. You can see it in his footwork.
  • Will Bruin is a Greco-Roman wrestler.
  • Roman Torres is in the WWE.
  • Osvaldo Alonso practices the art of soccer.

This is your weekly open thread, where you can discuss anything not-soccer related, except politics.

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