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2017 Season Hype Video Retrospective

We can probably agree that the 2017 Seattle Sounders season did not have that Hollywood ending we desired even though YNYA Studios tried to hype it up as best as we could. While we cannot go back and rewrite the script on the season, we can certainly look fondly back and relive our hype.

#4 - “Champions Must Rise”

Hype Occasion: Sounders vs Whitecaps Western Conference Semifinals (leg two)

Hype Description: “Champions must rise in order to defend their Cup.”

Hype Trailer Origin: Justice League ‘Mind/Event’

Hype Debrief: I’ll be honest - there was not an overabundance of movie trailers that had the hype chemistry I look for when making these. Compound that with the fact that I was overly-superstitious and was trying not to jinx our post-season hopes with an over-the-top hype video before we counted our chickens, I waited until the home leg of the semis before I even contemplated making one. This one was a short but to the point hype affair where the message “Champions Must Rise” fit with the original’s “Justice Is Served” theme.

#3 - “For: Cascadia”

Hype Occasion: Cascadia Cup, Seattle - Portland edition

Hype Description: “Seattle v Portland. Not for the first time, not for the last time.”

Hype Trailer Origin: Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer

Hype Debrief: Cascadia Cup hype trailers usually just come together on their own. Always great, dramatic clips that can be weaved into a symphony of hype-ness. I typically attempt to make at least one Cascadia-related video per season and 2017’s was focused on the little brother to the South. The original trailer really worked well with the history of the rivalry and how these games always take center stage in MLS circles. Plus I never get tired of watching Timbers getting cleaned out by our defenders.

#2 - “It’s Time”

Hype Occasion: The 2017 season.

Hype Description: “Defending one. Trying to win more.”

Hype Trailer Origin: Logan tv spot ‘Saving one could save them all’

Hype Debrief: “It’s time.” Fresh off the 2016 MLS Cup win, it was a celebration of that winning season and a great way to look forward towards the upcoming defense of that championship title. The drumbeat and lack of voice clips in the original trailer worked to crank the hype up to 11.

#1 - “MLS Cup 2017: Defend One More

Hype Occasion: The 2017 MLS Cup.

Hype Description: “MLS Cup 2017 hype.”

Hype Trailer Origin: Avengers: Infinity War

Hype Debrief: Hands down my favorite hype trailer to put together to this date. While the game turned out to be bittersweet, bringing down the house lights to focus on returning to the pinnacle was fun to do. Clocking in at the longest hype video of the season, it also may have been the fastest of the bunch to put together.

So while coming out of this short offseason and heading directly into this short preseason, we relive past moments of hype and look forward to more hype in the 2018 campaign. Hopefully this hype retrospective serves to keep your hype warm until the next hype drops. What was your favorite 2017 hype?

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