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The Sound of Soccer is as loud as ever

You will hear us.

“This is our house — a fortress defended by 40,000 strong.”

CenturyLink Field sits on the corner of Brougham and Occidental. One, a historic road with tales of gold rushes and fires; the other the road named after the first great sportswriter in our city. It’s where we gather, all of us, as all are welcome.

It’s the destination of our March.

Our fortress opens to the north, a canyon with only one exit. The walls holding in the powerful voices of thousands, a wail that the opposing side cannot ignore.

“The playoffs...”

So many stories about the playoffs — failures, successes, history and records.

“It’s what we do.”

Other teams may quit. A Sounder never quits. A Sounder never gives up. A Sounder bonds together in a single voice, and knows, we play two seasons, every year. It’s who we are. Other teams do not have that knowledge. Sucks to be them.

“Days are getting colder, shorter, but that’s home.”

We are the upper left, the Pacific Northwest. We are born of sea and sky, carved from peaks and pine. Weather doesn’t hinder us. Tarps and ponchos are part of our life. Rain is a lifestyle, our lifestyle. When we are cold, we unite, because our 40,000 bodies and the flames of goals keep us warm on the surface, and our steward keeps us warm inside.

“Here. There. Anywhere.”

From Monterrey to Tukwila, from Trinidad to Empire Field, these XI/18/30 know we will be there. Home is where a Sounder is. And we are all over the world.

“You want the West? You want the Cup? You have to go through us first.”

Not only are the Seattle Sounders in the playoffs, they’ve won the West two straight years. We are the Colossus. We are the Leviathan. We are the West.

This is our Sound.

Sounders FC

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