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October Live Questions & Answers

I’m skipping Issaquah Salmon Days because it might rain

I was going to go to Issaquah Salmon Days, but frankly it’s kind of nice to sit at home with the internet, Magic for Humans, Aslan and some decent beers.

Open Flavor Friday Saturday

It’s soup weather again. I started my soup season with a white chicken chili from scratch. No, it wasn’t authentic to the chili baseline. Yes, it was delicious and warming.

Beer I’m drinking that I sell

Boundary Bay Scotch Ale - This classic is a fall staple. It reminds me of visiting friends at Western and the fall of rain.

Knee Deep Stoutella - A stout that adds the flavors of Nutella? Exactly. It’s a dessert and a beer.

Beer I’m drinking that I don’t sell

I’ve had a half-dozen other breweries’ fresh hop editions this year. There’s some kolsch out there that offers some interesting differences from the “IPA all the way” craze. This year I’ve found more varieties of fresh hop than ever before.

Geek thoughts

I think I’m going to publish a 5th edition Rogue: Propagandist and Rogue: Liberator. These are classes that will be best for urban campaigns that explore issues of freedom and rebellion. The first is kind-of like a non-magical bard who inspires via words written or spoken. The second class adds some more violence and tracking.

Magic the Gathering: Arena is available in open beta. It’s much more complex than Hearthstone, but all the math is done for you. The graphics are good, the interaction is simple and it’s getting me engaged in a game I hadn’t played for about 20 years. Also, they’re based in Renton, which is awesome.

Soccer Thoughts

  • Title for Tacoma had over 1,000 submissions.
  • I’m going to vote to Retain Garth Lagerwey, once I get off my butt and vote.
  • The ECS matchday emails with messages from Cristian Roldan, Steve Zakauni and Brian Schmetzer have been excellent. It’s been a great addition this year and the person responsible is amazing.
  • The Stars are going to be fire this year. The James Riley pickup will get the headlines, but the Matt Clare signing is the one that will win them games. Also, I’ll have a story on Riley this weekend. Transcription sucks.
  • My next three Academy players to sign to S2 are Brisco, Atencio and Levya.
  • My next three HGPs are Rogers, Rothrock and Muse.

Ask me anything

If you have a question for another SaH/RoValks staffer mention them in the subject line

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