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This is the Raúl Ruidíaz replay you’ve been waiting for

LevyFilms caught it all its wonderful epicness.

By now, you’ve seen Raúl Ruidíaz’s second goal that sent Thursday’s match into extra time. You’ve marveled at how he hits it so clean while waiting for it to fall in traffic; how he puts so much pace on it that Jeff Attinella can barely get his hands up. More than any other single moment in the game, I’d argue this is the one that assures it will go down in history.

Now, you can appreciate it in a way that befits its epicness.

As you were probably hoping, LevyFilms got some wonderful footage of the goal, tracking the ball’s flight from Victor Rodriguez’s cross to Liam Ridgwell’s initial attempt at the clearance to Sebastian Blanco’s ultimately ill-fated one to Ruidíaz’s strike. Along the way, he catches some amazing facial expressions as players watch the ball soar through the air.

The only problem with all this? Watching it with the knowledge that it didn’t lead to an equally epic Sounders victory.

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