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November Live Questions & Answers

It is the Saturday before Veterans’ Day and I’m planning Sounder at Heart’s between season content strategy. Ask me anything.

As I sit here planning out things like the Rakinator, player profiles reviewing every First Team and S2 player that appeared in 2018 I thought “self, let’s answer questions.” Part of my desire to do Q&As is that it gets me thinking about soccer in contexts that other people provide. The questions I’m asked force me to address issues in new ways. The other reason I like it is because looking at spreadsheets and calendars is boring.

Open Flavor Friday Saturday

It’s hot cider season. Take a fair amount and put it in a pot, add a cinnamon stick or two, a couple cloves, some ground nutmeg and a pinch of ginger. Then simmer. Serve.

Beer I’m drinking that I sell

Dark Darkness, from Boundary Bay — they call this a dark porter, but it is round in the mouth with pleasant lingering finish. The dark malts are tasty.

Beer I’m drinking that I don’t sell

Cherry Pie, from Skookum — yes, it tastes like cherry pie with hopes. This milkshake IPA has cinnamon and cherry over its smooth hazy goodness.

Geek thoughts

The hardest part about gaming as an adult is finding time for your group to meet. But you can still enjoy the fiction of the world through books, through creation and through community.

It’s not just about dice. The stories are in you.

Soccer Thoughts

  • Chapter Ten of Sounders 3.0 was as entertaining as any, in the end.
  • Endings are also beginnings.
  • If Nouhou takes the steps forward he took this season, but next year, he will be in a much greater league than MLS before 2020.
  • Aaron Long is right. It’s the Chad Marshall Defender of the Year award.
  • I still want the Sounders to sign a DP or TAM player from the Arab world (Ali Adnan would be just fine).
  • If all three starting CBs are back a 3-4-1-2 would make a great alternate formation. We saw this for a few minutes on Thursday night.

Ask me anything

If you have a question for another SaH/RoValks staffer mention them in the subject line

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