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Who should be the Sounders’ next kit sponsor?

With a new kit sponsor on the way, we speculate on some obvious fits

We can dream

Seattle Sounders majority owner Adrian Hanauer announced at the annual business meeting this week that discussion with a new kit sponsor was already underway. He hinted a few things about the new company, mainly that they’d be an active member in the Sounders’ community efforts. So, we went ahead and plucked out a few obvious names from the hat to speculate on why they would be a good fit and why they would be a bad fit.


Why we like it

They’re a business with a large local employee footprint, with headquarters located in Bellevue. They already have an iconic soccer brand with Bayern Munich and have some hip, edgy branding.

Why we dislike it

They’re very corny. The likelihood they do something embarrassing with promotional stuff is pretty high.


Why we like it

Technically, they’re a local company. They have a ton of money. They could give Sounders fans some sweet deals on Amazon Prime. They have like a billion different brands, so they could continue the tradition of one-off kits. And maybe we would get some cool streaming content!

Why we hate it

Being associated with the company that is hellbent on taking over the world sucks, not to mention they have very little sports branding and Jeff Bezos has shown scant interest in any forays into that world.


Why we like it

They’re rapidly growing in the Pacific Northwest, choosing SeaTac as one of their regional hubs. They already have a sponsorship deal with the Sounders. Maybe if you wear the kit when you travel with them, you’ll get free or discounted stuff? There are a lot of promotional opportunities.

Why we don’t like it

They’re basically the worst airline not named Spirit or Frontier. It’s a boring pick. Plus, there’s another Cascadia team sponsored by a better airline.

EA Sports

Why we like it

They’re cool, hip, and popular with the youths. They make the most popular soccer video game in the world, and are emerging in the eSports world. There would be lots of cross-promotional opportunities with video games.

Why we don’t like it

They have a small local employment footprint. They also would feel like more of the same.

Fly Emirates

Why we like it

They’re an iconic soccer sponsor, and are among the few brands that might boost global recognition for the Sounders. They’re a company with endless amounts of money to drop into innovative promotional opportunities for fans to enjoy. Think Delta, but with more money and exotic destinations!

Why we don’t like it

Being connected to a state-owned company with a horrendous record of human rights violations is a bad look. The negatives about Delta apply here as well.

Obviously, there are at least a dozen more companies that would make sense to be the new kit sponsor for the Sounders. That’s where you come in, dear readers — let us know who you think would be a good fit!

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