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Open Flavor Fridays: The Princess Bride

Mustards and family games

Due to the offseason we’re going to bring back Sounder at Heart’s favorite way to bond over non-soccer things. No, it’s not Dungeons & Dragons (it could be, just not this week). It’s Open Flavor Fridays, which sometimes happens on Saturdays. OFF is our way to connect about things not soccer. We’ll discuss flavors and other things we love.



One of our staffers doesn’t like mustard. I say this not to shame them, but because I find this unfathomable. I have a half-dozen mustards in my fridge and at least two powdered versions in the spice cabinet.

So many foods can be accented by mustard. A stone ground with that popping texture is perfect on a pretzel. Dijon and sandwiches are a perfect pairing. Chinese hot? YES PLEASE. English dry for a rarebit? I”M IN HEAVEN.

What’s the oddest mustard or way you’ve enjoyed mustard.


That I sell: Cabin Fever, by Boundary Bay. This winter warmer is a bit hoppier than most dark ales, and that’s just fine.

That I don’t sell: Don’t look now, but Mac & Jack’s is putting out more than ambers. Their entry into hazy is strong appearance into the category, and their DIPA version is smooth and easy, possibly too easy.


RIP William Goldman

The Princess Bride is the type of fantasy in which I want to live. There’s magic, but not everyday magic. There’s intrigue and yet the world isn’t going to end. Florin and Guilder are places I would like to live.

Who wouldn’t want to be the Man in Black?

William Goldman didn’t introduce me to fantasy. He did give me a fantasy I thought could be real. Read the book soon, watch the movie again, read the book again — it’s a wonderful story.

Family Games

I’m talking board or card, tabletop, without being RPGs. I’m looking for something else to play with my family. They’ve enjoyed Catan, but aren’t into complexity or warfare. Cards Against Humanity has worked at times. Some parts of my family will hate that though.

I’m open to suggestions.

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