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Open Flavor Fridays: Diplomacy

and things you won’t hate

Springbok’s Pieter Rossouw, left plays chess watch Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

During the offseason we’re going to bring back Sounder at Heart’s favorite way to bond over non-soccer things. It’s Open Flavor Fridays, which sometimes happens on Saturdays or Sundays. OFF is our way to connect about things not soccer. We’ll discuss flavors and other things we love.



Milkshake/Shake beers

Some brilliant soul figured out that a tiny bit of lactose to normally “sharp” beers soften them up. Shake porters are smoother, rounder than a normal porter, and also sweeter. A milkshake IPA will have all the IBUs of a an IPA, but the hop bitterness (even if using hop varieties that are bitter) is toned down. I just introduced some people to these modified styles and they love them.

Do you have a favorite milkshake beer?


Books, Movies and TV

The Last Kingdom

It’s finally returned! This is the fictionalized tale of how many kingdoms of what is now England managed to repel/accept the Viking/Norse invasions. It is brutal, violent and sometimes a bit caring. If you are at all intrigued by the Dark Ages this is the show for you.

Games — Video or Tabletop, whatever


After listening to DragonTalk this week I was reminded about the game Diplomacy. It’s the sort of no-dice game that people either hate, or love. Supposedly it was a game played by the Kennedys. The basic concept is that you lie to each other constantly trying to convince others to help you take over the world. You don’t have to lie, but the one who does so effectively probably will win. Those who get lied to a lot will probably hate the game.

I was good at Diplomacy, and so my classic D&D group didn’t play it often, because one of them was a fan of rage quitting.

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