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You’re the Inspiration

You will hear us

Andrew Guyton via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

You can find inspiration in many places. Some look to faith, others to family, or friends. There are many motivations as we push ourselves towards success. In Dungeons & Dragons, inspiration is gained when you are true to yourself — acting as your personality traits, flaw, and bond indicate you should.

In leg one we saw the traits, flaw and bond that are exactly what we expect from the Seattle Sounders. This season, we’ve seen a team that is exactly what they were in that 2-1 loss.

Throughout the year, they’ve shown a propensity to give up a goal, even during what should be solid defense. The second goal took numerous errors to punish the Sounders. This is their flaw. They played to this flaw.

But they also demonstrated one of their strengths. A Brian Schmetzer team doesn’t quit. It was true in the second half of leg one, it was true in 2018, it was true in 2017, it was 2016 and will remain true as long as Schmetzer is part of the organization. This sticktoitiveness is a core trait of being a Sounder.

It took a lot to grind through that final 45 minutes. It took the use of the inspiration gained. They spent that inspiration and now need more.

For in 5th edition D&D, inspiration grants the use of a second d20 on specific rolls. The advantage gained is worth an increase of 15-25% towards success.

Considering that the match in leg 2 is judged to be nearly a coin-flip (with some wins meaning that the Sounders fail to advance), inspiration would be quite handy.

The Sounders, the club, are the unique bond between players and fans. Brian Schmetzer has defined the bond better than anyone else. That bond is the key to inspiration in leg two.

We are the inspiration.

We are the voice, the soul. We are the noise that haunts dreams. We are the creature of the deep. We are the song of the seas and the poetry of waterfalls. We are the club. We are the extra d20, an advantage worth 15-25%.

You. Will. Hear. Us.

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