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Open Flavor Fridays: Nostalgia movies

Nostalgia games, nostalgia waffles, nostalgia beer

European Premiere Of ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Disney

During the offseason we’re going to bring back Sounder at Heart’s favorite way to bond over non-soccer things. It’s Open Flavor Fridays, which sometimes happens on Saturdays or Sundays. OFF is our way to connect about things not soccer. We’ll discuss flavors and other things we love.



Winter Warmers

I love Cabin Fever (I sell it, but have loved it for some time). It’s a dark ale with warm spice notes just from the malts. Other warmers use adjuncts and that’s fine too. Mostly these are beers, generally higher in ABV that evoke flavors of warmth while being served chilled. It’s a funky little way that our brain interacts with flavor. Brains are awesome.



On Christmas morning I make breakfast — I usually make breakfast, most meals. But this is the “big” meal I make, mostly scrambles and omelets. This year I want to do something different. Since we just cleaned and reorganized the house I found my waffle maker.

What should I do with the waffle maker?


Books, Movies and TV

Mary Poppins Returns

We’re seeing the Poppins sequel tomorrow. No kids, just myself, my wife, and her best friend that isn’t me. I expect we will not be the only childless adults there. In our case we are seeking the comfort of nostalgia. The original is a movie we’ve seen. We remember moments. We expect that Mary Poppins Returns will warm our hearts with the soft fire of nostalgia. This is clearly a trend is Hollywood now. Many of the movies and shows of my youth and even my parents youth are coming back. It’s a fuller house of content, overflowing with our memories that predate checkbooks and a 5 & 40 lifestyle.

I’m perfectly OK with that.

Games — Video or Tabletop, whatever

Axis & Allies

If you bust this one out (and I would if I was hanging with my Dad’s side of the family back in the midwest) there’s some minor variants you can try. If you play with five total players go for a free-for-all with all alliances determined as you play — it’s like Diplomacy with dice. You can also mix and match the teams.

Or just get the modern variant, with Zombies. No, I haven’t played this yet.

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