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We’d get on this party bus with Roman Torres, too

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This guy really is living his best life.

If there’s one reason for Seattle Sounders fans to be excited about the World Cup, it might just be Roman Torres. No, Panama is not expected to do much, especially in a group that includes England, Belgium and Tunisia. But the way he’s embracing the opportunity is truly infectious.

You hopefully saw yesterday’s post about all the ways Panama fans are honoring Torres. Well, Torres is doing his part to bask in that increased visibility, and one commenter pointed us to a commercial featuring “Mazinger” in various costumes (video above).

In the cable/internet commercial, Torres says “We know this about England, they invented fútbol. We know this about Tunisia, they have been to five World Cups. We know this about Belgium, they are known as the Red Devils. And now, they will all know Panama!”