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You will hear us, explained

nos audietis in somniis | nos audietis in alto

“You will hear us” on the neck tape of the rave green kit that is new in 2018.

Nos audietis came to being with sidereal’s FanPost titled “Latin is for smarties”, and it grew in usage. It is on scarves, shirts, the name of our affiliated podcast, and now on the very kits the team wears.

It is a phrase that inspires volume, declares support, and tells anyone who opposes us that we will not be silent. We will constantly and consistently rally our chosen side, the Seattle Sounders FC, with those massive waves of noise that are a unique and powerful trait of all fans of sports teams around Puget Sound.

nos audietis in somniis | nos audietis in alto
You will hear us in your sleep. You will hear us from the deep.
This is our sound

We are the noise that haunts dreams. We are the creature of the deep. We are the Alliance and its Council voicing concerns: protecting each other, achieving for all. We are heard by players and coaches. We are the song of the seas and the poetry of waterfalls.

We reign over Cascadia.

Our voices are tens of thousands.

You will hear us.

nos audietis in somniis | nos audietis in alto

This is our Sound

The kit release party is at 10 a.m. Saturday, down at the CenturyLink Field Pro Shop. Several players will be present.

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