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Open Flavor Friday: Superb Owl foods

Today our community communes over foods meant for sharing.

Lea Michele & Sabra Dipping Company Host An Unofficial Meal Event In NYC Celebrating #NationalHummusDay
This is not a sponsored post, but Sabra is pretty decent.
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Sabra

Our weekly off-topic post usually focuses on flavor, although other subjects have been broached — the flu, many movies, D&D and more. This week’s topic focus on the grandest of Strigiformes, the Superb Owl*. When watching this bird of prey, it is important to have snacks and beverages. Since many other people show up at these events, these snacks are best when shared.

*Yes, this may be a coping mechanism for a certain event at the 1-yard line.

I love a homemade hummus or guac. I’ve written about both of these previously on Sounder at Heart. Dipping sauces and pastes are perfect for the Superb Owl. You need something you can enjoy with just one hand, but also something of substance because you need proteins and fats in your life, not just salty chips and crackers.

This Sunday I’m hoping to play with something inspired by crappy canned chili and jarred cheese sauce, but of my own creation. I will probably not use a recipe, instead just seasoning some beans in stock, adding a roux, and then adding various cheeses as well. Most of my experience is with white chili, so I’ll follow those familiar patterns and then have fun.

Beer Thoughts

The Big Game pairs best with something sessionable. I’ve found I rather enjoy AleSmith’s Sublime Mexican Lager (yes, I sell this).

You can also go with something big and sippable. Look for Midnight Sun (also one of my brands). One of these is a good way to take your time savoring the layered flavors of a beer best enjoyed in the 55-60 degree range.

What’s your favorite dipping food? What’s your favorite food when watching the big game? Does this food change based on the sport you are watching?

This is your weekly open thread, where you can discuss anything not-soccer related, except politics.

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