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Quincy Jones would like you to believe Paul Allen can seriously shred

There’s apparently a bit more to the Sounders minority owner than any of us would have guessed.

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

It’s not very often that we write about Paul Allen, one of the richest people in the world and who also happens to own a minority stake in the Seattle Sounders. Allen seems to only have a passing interest in the Sounders, after all, and what he does has very little impact on the team.

But there are times when Allen simply can’t be ignored. This is one of those times.

In an interview where famed musician Quincy Jones claims he dated Ivanka Trump, “reveals” who really killed JFK and accuses Michael Jackson of routinely stealing music, the most shocking revelation might be about Paul Allen.

Were there any rock musicians you thought were good?

I used to like Clapton’s band. What were they called?


Yeah, they could play. But you know who sings and plays just like Hendrix?


Paul Allen.

Stop it. The Microsoft guy?

Yeah, man. I went on a trip on his yacht, and he had David Crosby, Joe Walsh, Sean Lennon — all those crazy motherfuckers. Then on the last two days, Stevie Wonder came on with his band and made Paul come up and play with him — he’s good, man.

Have you picked your jaw up off the floor? Quincy Jones — quite possibly the most accomplished living musician — is favorably comparing Paul Allen’s chops to certifiable rock gods Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Just go ahead and let that sink in.

This is a man who exemplifies “dad style”, and I say that as someone who could probably be accused of that myself. The mental picture of him shredding while being surrounded by fellow billionaires aboard his multi-million-dollar yacht is not one that comes easily.

Then again, Allen has a reputation as a bit of a perfectionist. It does stand to reason that once he put his mind to becoming good at something that he’d take it to the logical extreme. Maybe it’s simply our lack of imagination that’s holding us back ... or maybe Quincy Jones just likes telling a good story.

UPDATE: Paul Allen, indeed, shreds:

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