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February Q&A

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Let’s talk about beer, Olympics and soccer


I’m doing monthly Q&A/AMA during the offseason. This is now that weekend, as next week I’m a bit occupied. The week after that is the going to be full of season preview content, so this is the week I talk beer, Olympics and Sounders.

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Open Flavor Friday

This past week my work added a new brewery to our lineup — Track 7 out of Sacramento. I really enjoy their Blood Transfusion IPA, as it is a blood orange IPA that doesn’t explore the sweetness of the fruit but comes off with a bit of pith as well as citrus, without being overly sweet.

I don’t sell this one, but over at Thirsty Hop (a customer of mine), I enjoyed Stoop’s NW Red. This is a low-powered red that gets a bit of malt sweetness without being overbearing. It has a somewhat chewy body and lingers a touch, which is fine, for me, in a red.

Olympics Story

Waaay, waaay back in my Army days I was stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. It’s not quite a mile high and so some of the military personnel who are potential Olympians were there training. They lived on the same floor as my class did. About a week before the Atlanta games started that part of the floor emptied out, and then while we watched a few events we saw people who were literally one of us. This may be part of the reason I love the Olympics.

I also like them because I’m a dork for geography, sports and learning a tiny bit about cultures I don’t understand. I’m stoked for curling, slope style, ski jumping/flying and biathlon.

Soccer Thoughts

  • Live Depth Chart is up to date.
  • I still want another Forward/Winger that excels at scoring.
  • I still want a 3rd/4th CB.
  • I still want the team to sign Sam Rogers.
  • I still miss Mike Fucito.
  • I still can’t believe You Will Hear Us is on the kit.
  • Happy Birthday Steve Zakuani. He asked for $5 dollar donations rather than gifts.

Ask me anything.

As always, if you want a specific author besides me to answer mention them in the subject line. I’ll track them down and have them respond. Other authors may pop into comments whenever they want.