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Clint Dempsey sees you trying to sneak a photo at the airport

Who says there’s nothing good about flying commercial?

As you probably know, the Seattle Sounders travel mostly on commercial flights. While their peers in the NFL or MLB are sequestering themselves on charters, the Sounders are mingling with the people in airport lobbies all over the country.

Whatever you may think of this from a competitive perspective, it does lead to some cool interactions, especially when fans see their favorite players are about to get on their flight. Understandably, they like to document these chance encounters.

This is exactly what happened on Monday as the Sounders were making their way to Guadalajara for Wednesday’s CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal against Chivas.

This guy probably just wanted to document the encounter without bothering Dempsey for a selfie. Being the showman that he is, Dempsey wasn’t about to let an opportunity to have some fun with a fan pass unnoticed. He — as well as someone who appears to be Magnus Wolff Eikrem — were very much onto this guy’s game. Lucky for him, as he got a much more interesting photograph than he’d have had if they hadn’t seen what was going on.

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