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Cascadia Cup standings will ignore one game

Due to the unbalanced schedule the May 13 match will be tossed aside.

Sounders vs. Whitecaps: Photos Photo credit - MikeRussellFoto

The Supporters Groups that founded, funded and award the Cascadia Cup needed to address the unbalanced schedule of 2018. Due to the odd number of teams, Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers play three times while those two teams each play the Vancouver Whitecaps twice.

After discussion, the Cascadia Cup Council — with even representation of the Emerald City Supporters, Timbers Army and Vancouver Southsiders, determined that the match between Seattle and Portland on May 13 will not count towards the 2018 Cascadia Cup standings, nor in any tie-breakers.

The following matches will count;

  • Saturday, June 30 Sounders v Timbers
  • Saturday, July 21 Sounders v Whitecaps
  • Saturday, August Timbers v Whitecaps
  • Sunday, August 26 Timbers v Sounders
  • Saturday, September 15 Whitecaps v Sounders
  • Sunday, October 28th , Whitecaps v Timbers

The winner is determined by total points within those matches. The tie-breakers are;

  1. Greater number of points earned in matches between the teams concerned.
  2. Greater goal difference in matches between the teams concerned.
  3. Greater number of goals scored in matches between the teams concerned.
  4. Re-apply first three criteria if two or more teams are still tied.
  5. Greater goal difference in all cup matches.
  6. Greater number of goals scored in all cup matches.
  7. Smaller number of disciplinary points in all cup matches (yellow = 1 point, red = 2 points)

In the joint statement from the CCC and each of the three involved supporters’ groups they professed regret that MLS chose to have an unbalanced schedule.

Vancouver Whitecaps hold the most Cascadia Cups with six. Portland and Seattle are each tied with four won, but the Timbers won twice while the Sounders were in MLS and therefore not competing. Portland won it in 2017. Seattle last won it in 2015.

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