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Still more to come

Year 10 can be the best yet for the Sounders, the Sound and Sounder at Heart.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

It’s season 10. Our history to this point is strong. Eight record-setting years of attendance, six trophies, the most wins since joining the league until now. Individual players earned awards, national team calls and trips to World Cups.

The past nine years are good.

But there is more to come. Goals are left unfilled for the team, the organization, the fans, the city, the region, and Sounder at Heart.

We Seattle Sounders, all of us, can be more. I’m asking you to be more this year.

Be more loud.

Join in a song you have yet to sing. Deafen the opposition as they attempt to defend a free kick. Take one more March to the Match. Stay for the victory lap.

Be more plentiful.

Invite friends who have yet to come. Talk to your neighbors at work, at home, in the stadium. There’s space for everyone, and prices are nowhere near what they are for other top line sports in the US. Show up for CONCACAF Champions League, U.S. Open Cup and MLS. Fill those empty seats and force the removal of more tarps.

Be more welcoming.

Whether here at Sounder at Heart, on social media, when talking to the dudes at KJR who aren’t into soccer, or your neighbors in the stadium, recognize that we are all Sounders (except pdb). This team is part of our identity precisely because it sums up that we are more than just Seattle.

Be more than a city.

It matters not whether you are from the city proper, or Renton, or Yakima, or Tacoma. If you love the Sounders, or the Sound, we have a place for you. It is eternally blue, forever green and no matter the weather we will be your warmth. Together, all of us, are strong, potent and accepting. Love this ball, this XI, this 18, this full roster, S2, the Academy, and we love you. Join us on a Sunday, or a Saturday, or a Wednesday. It doesn’t matter how far you travel, or if you have to watch from afar. You are a Sounder. You are one of us.

These are things we fans can control. The organization can be more too.

Be more trophies.

The CONCACAF Champions League is available. The path is difficult, blocked by a giant goat. It is a prize yet attained, and so find a way past that goat, find a way past the next (either a bull or a dog) and the next. These players, coaches and soccer minds are capable of making history, with a little fortune and a little spirit.

Be more excellent.

There are some truly historic regular seasons in Seattle Sounders history. Both 2011 and 2014 were declarations that Seattle is capable of not just good, but great. The past two playoffs are also demonstrations of excellence

Be more youth.

Every year the connection between Academy and First Team strengthens. These youth players aren’t just US National Team players (Morris, Yedlin), they are our neighbors and others who have chosen us as we have chosen them. Morris, Bwana, Gonzalez, Serrano, Wingo, Rogers, Adekoya, Olsen, Hopeau, Hinds and Kovar are not the limit of homegrown talent. They are the symbol that more are to come.

Be more than Seattle, but of the Sound.

Tacoma is about to embrace S2 as strongly as Seattle embraced the Sounders. Nestled between the Narrows and Foss historic Cheney Stadium hosting Sounders 2 will be a reminder to the South Sound that the Sounders are not just Seattle, but the team of the Sound. Reach out to the fanbase throughout the region. As is true for the other sports here those communities will support Seattle teams, filling the stadium. The blue and the green are true for any and all.

This is year 10. It’s time to climb higher.

nos audietis in somniis | nos audietis in alto

You will hear us in your sleep. You will hear us from the deep.

This is our Sound.

Sounder at Heart will continue to grow. We will have a wider variety of voices than at any time in our history. We will find new ways to share our knowledge with you. Our love of this game and this team will never be hidden. We wear it on our sleeves, in our name. Our very heart is green and blue.

We will cover the Sounders, the Reign, S2, the Academies, the US men, the US women, the Stars. We will cover the Sound of Soccer, for that’s what we do.

Welcome to season 10. We’re still not finished.

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