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Gustav Svensson: After win, Sounders will find it “easier to relax”

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The Swede thinks that Sunday’s win provided many lessons— good and bad— for Seattle

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

SEATTLE -- Gustav Svensson gave the Seattle Sounders a big boost in their first win of the season Sunday, rocketing a shot from 25 yards out in the 23rd minute to open the scoring. After the match, the Swedish midfielder reflected on the match and what the three points would mean to Seattle after a dull opening month of league play.

“We had pretty good flow in the game,” Svensson said Sunday. “We dominated big parts of the game. We did the runs we were supposed to do, we played the way were supposed to do. We won duels. We helped each other. The first half-hour we played a good game, and now that we have three points it’s going to be a little bit easier to relax a little bit.”

Seattle was in full control for the first half-hour of the match, out-shooting Minnesota United 8-0 in that span. Svensson felt, though, that the Sounders tightened up after Will Bruin’s goal put them 2-0 up.

“After 2-0, we got a little bit scared of losing the three points that we had, that we really needed,” he said. “I think we were scared of losing that three points, and then we started falling back a little bit too much and letting them in the game again.”

As Seattle prepares for another weekend road trip and the prospect of some early season revenge Sunday against Los Angeles FC — who bested the Sounders at CenturyLink Field 1-0 on opening day -- Svensson said the concept of bearing down on opponents after scoring would be important for the club to continue to find success.

“It’s important (to keep the pressure on),” Svensson said. “I thought right after that 2-0 that we were going to go even harder on them. We stepped back a little bit, unfortunately. We just have to look at that and learn from that, because I think we can close the game even more after that 2-0.”