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Ten things I think Garthe Lagerwhey Thinks

Garthe is thinking things that you think he thinkgs

Soccer: 2016 Copa America Centenario-Mexico at Uruguay Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Hello someone requested an artdicle about who would the SOunders sign at forward like Joel Campbell or Chicha Rito and I think Gareth Lagerwhey has some Thoughts on what tha would look would like. SO here are ten thoughts of Gath Lagerways’ mind on these signsings:

  1. Chicarigto Hernandez would be a greats igning but would be major mucho dollars and would not be affordable to Garth. He makes the big dollars not spends the big dollars you know what I mean. Garth is a former MLS GK when they made $12,000 a year for playing and hes’ not going to spend a million dollars on some little pea that once played in Europe. tHA’TS a million doallars he could spend on golf or whatever a lageterway does.
  2. Joel Campbell would be great but how can you convince him to play int he cold of Seattle?
  3. Some body once said we should get a Bruin-level reaplacement that’s maybe like Bruin but better, so manybe not Bruin-level but not too different form him. Well if you ever seen Bruin this clip wil lbe intimately familiar: [INSERT LINK CLIP HERE]] gotta sign this guy wow would you look at that skills.
  4. How about the guy Bas Dost I think hes netherlandian, and I don’t know about him anythign excpet his name is BAS DOST and that would be stuck in my head for days (think “du....... .du hast...... du hast mech, du hast mech, du hast mech no prava, du hast mech no prava, du has mech no prava du hast much do..... (I forget the words. I’m sure he if doesn’t work out just give him a week to T”rain” with the team and let his hamstring loose at Starfire.
  5. how about Rooney? His brother played in MLS and he would likely do it too
  6. “I got ninety nine problems and a red card is three of them” is another unrelatede thought
  7. Zlatan is undoubtedly the BEST player in this league and so teh Sounders MUST answer the call to arms with another WELL known European player who will get the FANS juiced with name recognition and can still play forward but is on the OUTS with his team and doesn’t need worries about the national team that man’s name is ARJGEN ROBIN. THIS guy has a left foot at least, unlike some guy
  8. I think Garht likes Ji Dong-Won because he’s Korean like naother player because he is 26 and wants the WOrld Cup because he is in Germany and not doing great right now because he is six foot two and a half which is Tall for a Sounder because he can be a great Forward given right time so just try him out? all of the reasons.
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  10. Hows about Digeo Rolan? He plays at Malaga and hes part of an attack that has scored THREE goals in its last TWELVE games. I know you are thinking “this is bad” and you are not wrong. But GARTH is thinking how wow Roldan socred 31 goals in thsi prior 3 seasons at Ligue 1 and Malaga is BAD I mean really how many goals did will BRUIN score with Houston like ten? Mr. Bruin was a better player on the Sounders adn Rolan would be a better player on the Sounders. Malaga are sinking ship fast and Roldan wnats to make the world cup with his buddy Lodeiro oh yes did I mention that Rolan is URUGUAYAN which means he knows he can get called up at the Sounders if he crushes faces here, but time is running out and hes needed NOW. Yes he can play in la liga and get his sticksin there but really honestly he might have better teammates here in Seattle and show his stuff and get on National Team picture.

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