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We define ourselves

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It doesn’t matter if it’s our 100th time, our 10th time, or our 1,000th time we are gathered in travel with our friends and our family — those that came before us, those with us, those after us. We are gathered in pubs, bars, restaurants, breweries, homes and even the Glass House hosting the game.

Wherever there are two of us we are Sounders. It doesn’t matter if it is matchday, a Monday night; whether we travelled away, or gathered at home. It doesn’t matter who the other team is, nor how many times they’ve been the lesser.


Our beloved steward says that the club is the relationship between the fans and the players. It is also our relationship with each other. I don’t happen to be traveling to this one. I will still be surrounded by rave green, capitol blue, Cascadia shale and black, a lot of black. We are in this together. It doesn’t matter how many miles separate us. The standings don’t matter. The result doesn’t matter. We do this thing for our companions — the one, the ten, the hundred, the thousands. We are Sounders.

Those of you inside the Glass House are fortunate. You get to be our voice. You get to be the sound. It is your songs that we will hear as we see the hosts. It is your hymns that will power our eleven. Be louder than love.

For us at home, we dwell in hope. We harbor love. We hold down the various forts, towns and cities that surround our Sound. We will wait, because we know that our brethren will never disappoint us, and that where you are we are with you. We will sing. We will chant.

Our Sound will echo with the voice of tens of thousands scattered throughout this fair land and united in eternal blue, forever green.

We are the Seattle Sounders FC.

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