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When DeAndre Yedlin comes home, he drives around in a Rolls Royce

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It seems to suit him.

All the way up until he left the Seattle Sounders to chase the European dream, DeAndre Yedlin was known for driving around in a hand-me-down Subaru with more than 250,000 miles on it. Oh how times have changed.

Back in town for the English offseason, the now Newcastle right back paid a visit to Sounders headquarters in Pioneer Square. While he was there, Steve Zakuani made sure to let everyone know that Yedlin is driving around Seattle in what appears to be a Rolls Royce Ghost, a car that retails for more than $310,000.

I think we can assume Yedlin didn’t buy this car, being that he’s probably here for only a month or two. (And truth be told, we spent way too much time trying to figure out how much it might cost to rent one for a short time.) But just that he has access to this sort of ride is another reminder that life in the Premier League is a lot different than as a MLS youngster.

Considering Yedlin is coming off a season in which he made 31 Premier League starts, I think we can all agree he’s earned this kind of luxury.