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Jordan Morris made a beer ad, his buds are cracking wise

Yes, that includes Brad Evans.

Jordan Morris ... bless his heart. The Seattle Sounders forward came into the league with a squeaky clean image, promptly moved in with his folks, got a dog and will never shake that image no matter how many tattoos he gets.

So, you can imagine how his first beer #ad was received.

First off, Morris has the misfortune of trying to sell Seattle fans on the idea that Budweiser has created a “craft-style” beer, which is hard enough to believe as nothing Budweiser puts out under its signature brand can rightly be called that.

But that’s even before we get to the comments where ... oh boy ... “fellow kids” were having a field day. Even if you discard the obvious troll comments like “You wouldn’t need to be such a sellout if you had the balls to go to Europe!!”, you’ve still got a host of fellow players just lining up to take their whacks.

  • Former Stanford teammate and one-time Sounders draft pick Brian Nana-Sinkam: “What does it taste like? In extreme detail?”
  • Whitecaps Red Bulls defender and fellow U.S. national teamer Tim Parker: “Thought you had a stronger blue steel look to you”
  • Fellow U.S. national teamer Jozy Altidore (who doesn’t exactly win hipster points either): “Blue moon or red stripe brother. Way forward.”
  • But of course it was Brad Evans who landed the knockout blow (this was actually his second comment): “Has one beer. Does full photoshoot with said beer.”

Don’t worry Jordan, we still love you.

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