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The rightful King demands your faith

Those players haven’t quit on the fans, and I don’t think our fans have quit on us.”


I’m weary. This campaign is tiring, exhausting. A few minor victories, but more losses. Morale is low throughout the army. Hope is teetering, ready to fall out of our souls. Our king walks through the tents, evening sun and campfires warm his face.

I am a little irritated at times when people get fired up about this club not wanting to compete, or they can’t compete, or whether what Garth said or didn’t say, or what people heard or didn’t hear — I need to tell everybody that we, the players on the field, haven’t quit on the fans. They haven’t quit.

My ears perk up. I know that voice, that passion. My eyes look up. My heart beats a bit faster.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

They busted their ass in LA. The fans who were there did what they could to make the atmosphere great. That relationship is still there. Those players haven’t quit on the fans, and I don’t think our fans have quit on us.

I sit up. The fire blazes a bit brighter. My hand drifts to my sword, my eyes drift to my shield.

We’re also going to be realistic and say, ‘We’re going to accept responsibility if results don’t go.’ I get it. We’re in a results-based business. If I don’t do my job, I am going to be fired. I get it. As long as I am here, you can bet your ass that any player who quits or is ‘woe is me’ or says ‘this is hard’ wont be with this team for very long. We are going to continue to work and to push and do whatever it takes to win games.

Seattle Sounders vs. New York City FC: Photos Photo credit - MikeRussellFoto

I stand. Others are standing. Tents a bit further away empty. Those people join us.

We are not afraid to compete against New York, LA, Atlanta — we aren’t afraid of that. We have been to two MLS Cup finals and our goal is to make another one. Would we like it to be at home? Yes. Have we pushed some results that haven’t gone our way? Of course. We are looking to fix that.

There are thousands now. Maybe not all can hear, it matters not. We gather. Our hearts are swelling. We are now armed. Our voices are ready. No longer in low spirits, we are ready to charge.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

It’s a little irritating that s**t has happened. We’ve had some traumatic injuries. We’re working through that. Those guys are busting their ass, the coaching staff is busting their ass trying to find solutions and we are going to push forward. I want to push forward on all this mess because, I have already told you, as long as I am here, this team is never going to quit. Simple as that.

Yes, as simple as that. I’m not ready to quit. I’m ready to take the field right now. I’m ready to be full throated, standing, louder than love. My King said the words I needed to hear. As he will hear us, we hear him.

Photo credit - MikeRussellFoto
nos audietis in somniis | nos audietis in alto
you will hear us in your sleep. you will hear us from the deep
this is our Sound

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