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Greg Vanney showed reporters his phone to complain about Handwalla Bwana’s goal

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Vanney thought it was offside.

Complaining about how and when VAR is used has become a favorite past time of MLS coaches. Never before, though, has one broken out his phone to show reporters a photo during a postgame press conference. Well, not until Toronto FC head coach Greg Vanney did it on Wednesday following a 2-1 loss to the Seattle Sounders.

In Vanney’s defense, he has a point. It does look like Handwalla Bwana was probably offside on his game-winning goal.

But that’s also very close and at full-speed, it’s virtually impossible to see. Should VAR have overturned it? Maybe. But that also gets at VAR’s directive, to only correct “clear and obvious” mistakes. On a bang, bang play like this, I’m not sure it passes that standard.

It should also be said that Vanney’s team benefitted from a far more important non-VAR decision in last year’s MLS Cup final.

Interestingly enough, I don’t remember Brian Schmetzer busting out his phone with this image at his press conference last December...