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Seattle Sounders at Real Salt Lake: Highlights, stats and quotes

“The team just needs to not try to play not to lose, but they have to try to play and win games.” -Brian Schmetzer

Match Data


Seattle Sounders FC 0 - Real Salt Lake 2

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Venue: Rio Tinto Stadium

Referee: Kevin Stott

Assistants: Brian Poeschel, Jeremy Kieso

Fourth Official: Fotis Bazakos

VAR: Alex Chilowicz

Attendance: 18,556

Weather: 74 degrees and sunny


RSL - Corey Baird 57’

RSL - Luis Silva 90’+1’


SEA - Kelvin Leerdam (caution) 10’

SEA - Jordy Delem (caution) 25’

RSL - Justen Glad (caution) 87’


Seattle Sounders FC - Stefan Frei; Jordan McCrary, Kim Kee-hee, Chad Marshall, Nouhou; Jordy Delem (Harrt Shipp HT), Cristian Roldan - captain; Kelvin Leerdam (Lamar Neagle 64’), Clint Dempsey, Alex Roldan; Will Bruin (Victor Rodriguez 74’)

Substitutes not used: Calle Brown, Waylon Francis, Tony Alfaro, Henry Wingo

Total shots: 5 (Bruin/Dempsey, 2)

Shots on goal: 0

Fouls: 8 (Bruin/McCrary, 2)

Offside: 4 (Four players, 1)

Corner-kicks: 6 (Leerdam, 3)

Saves: 4 (Frei, 4)

Real Salt Lake - Nick Rimando; Brooks Lennon, Marcelo Silva, Justen Glad, Danilo Acosta; Kyle Beckerman - captain, Damir Kreilach, Sunday Stephen (Nick Besler 90’); Jefferson Savarino, Corey Baird (Luis Silva 74’), Joao Plata (Sebastian Saucedo 41’)

Substitutes not used: Connor Sparrow, David Horst, Aaron Herrera, Pablo Ruiz

Total shots: 18 (Baird, 4)

Shots on goal: 6 (Baird/Saucedo, 2)

Fouls: 12 (Glad/Beckerman, 3)

Offside: 2 (Savarino/Saucedo, 1)

Corner-kicks: 8 (Saucedo, 6)

Saves: 0

Seattle Sounders FC

Head Coach Brian Schmetzer

On tonight’s loss:

“Not much good. Magnus getting injured and Will has to come out now. Things on that front are not good. The team just needs to not try to play not to lose, but they have to try to play and win games. There are times when you get down in the attacking third of the field and the quality is missing. We have to try and find a way to give them the confidence to make final passes to create something and score goals, we’re never going to win goals if we can’t score.”

On silver lining of Victor Rodriguez seeing his first minutes:

“It’s the only silver lining is just getting back with the group and getting him the confidence that he could go out there and play without thinking about his knee. So, that’s the one only silver lining out of the game.”

On strength in their back six:

“I don’t know if we really tested them I don’t think we put enough sustained continued pressure on them to score goals. I think that is more on us.”

Where to go from here:

“It’s getting tired, and we are getting tired of saying it, just back to the training pitch, back to the training pitch. We have to get back on the training pitch, and we have to do it on game day. It’s not just on the training pitch somebody has to step forward make plays on game night.”

Midfielder Cristian Roldan

On the result:

“It was disappointing, lackluster, I just thought there wasn’t a sense of fight within our team. Going down 1-0 early in the second half honestly doesn’t help. Morale in the team is honestly low right now, but this is the MLS. You win three games in a row, you’re right back in it.”

On the first goal:

“It was unfortunate. I believe Stefan makes an incredible save, rebound goes to Baird and Baird did a great job and put it into the side net. Those things happen but if those things happen every week, it’s frustrating.”

On trying to set a tone:

“You want to show some bite; you want to show a sense of urgency. You’ve got to try to create a spark within the team. You try to send a message to both RSL, to the referees - and to my own team - that we can’t go out like this. We’re 1-0 down, and if you’re 1-0 down and it seems like you’re not fighting back, then why are we playing the game? At the end of the day, I tried to do that. I tried to get into some tackles, foul some people, do some things that RSL was doing to us. Credit to RSL. They had a game plan. They scored a goal. They defended well. We had a couple chances and next time we bury them and it’s a different story.”

On moving forward:

“Showing up to games. You can practice as hard as you want during the week and you don’t show up during the game, then what’s the point practicing hard? You have to put in that same effort. I’m not saying our team didn’t, but we lack that creativity, that spark, that bit of brilliance that set us apart from last year. It’s easy to say, ‘we go back to training and we do all the little things right’ but if we don’t show up to games then what’s the point of going to training and doing everything we’ve been doing the last couple weeks?”

Midfielder Harry Shipp

Real Salt Lake

Head Coach Mike Petke

On conversation at halftime:

“Score. Put them on frame. This was possibly the shortest halftime talk I ever had to be honest with you. I’m probably exaggerating but it was very short because the only two things we saw was convert your chances because we were getting them, and I thought that we were a little sloppy at times out of the back through the midfield and we gave them half chances based off of that and again that comes down to tired legs. It was take care of the ball, get the ball moving and when we get in take a deep breath, close your eyes if you have to and put the ball in the goal.”

On defense stopping Seattle:

“A total team defense obviously played the biggest role in that. It’s not just the back four and when we score it’s probably not just the guy who scored, it’s started from the goalkeeper so to me I saw a total team defending and immediate counter pressure when we lost it in transition, which when we didn’t win the ball right away at least we forced them sideways or backwards. I would have to assume that Frei, who is an unbelievable keeper by the way, I would assume that he hit the ball long, I don’t want to say longer than he ever has but I think he hit the ball long a lot tonight and that was based on our counter pressure. That’s where it starts and a big chunk of the reason why they didn’t have many attempts or shots on goal, it started from that, our pressure as a team but then when it did get through I thought Marcelo and Justen battled with Brooks and Danny, Kyle and Sunny out in front doing dirty work, picking up a lot of second balls which we focused on in the pregame so it was a total team effort and I think that’s what it is.”

On emphasis on U.S. Open Cup:

“I would love to you know. We’ve talked a lot about it leading up to this, but we do have tired legs. We do have the ability to bring up a handful of Monarchs players. We have young players that have not gotten the opportunity, and this could be their shot. I want to win everything, I do, you know. Everything. Open Cup is a chance for a trophy, it’s a chance to get into CONCACAF Champions League, which is huge, but, were not there as a league yet that allows us to have 40 players deep of the same type of quality. It’s a fact. So, emphasis I put on it, it’s ironic that we had a three-game week leading into that and it really turns into a five game two weeks. There’s a lot of guys that aren’t going to be going to be able to be available for the game. I’m not going to say who but I’m going to put the best team that I can out there without sacrificing injuries, without sacrificing the LA game on Saturday so were going to give it a go and see what happens.”

Forward Corey Baird

On what he saw on the goal:

“Danny was cutting inside, running free towards goal. I tried to check back a little bit, look for a spot to get the ball. I joke around with Hector, I would’ve been pretty pissed if we hadn’t scored that, because I thought I was open, but it worked out. Great build up play from Dani to get in that position.”

On what they had to do in the second half to score:

“I think that’s just partially on me for my first touch to really set myself, make sure I’m making the target when I’m shooting. I had a few chances where I got in behind and was just sloppy with the ball. I think I cleaned that up a little bit in the second half, and it paid off.”

On second chance that missed far post:

“I saw Sava had a ton of space out wide, and I really like looking for that early ball where center backs are not really expecting a cross. I was able to get the wrong side of Martial and after I got contact I obviously didn’t see anything. I was just hoping that it was going in.”

On being team scoring leader:

“I think it just gives me a lot of confidence going forward, knowing that I’ve put the ball in the back of the net a couple of times already. I just have to keep doing that, that’s what gotten me on the field, that and working hard so just looking to keep building on that every game.”

On three straight wins:

“It feels great, especially with not the greatest start to the season. Got a road win, two quick wins here at the RioT and now we’re feeling it, feeling confident, looking forward to the next game. “

Defender Danilo Acosta

On Salt Lake’s first goal:

“Honestly at first, I thought it was offside, but it wasn’t. I didn’t see Corey I was just trying to shoot on goal to get my first goal, but it deflected to Corey and he scored.”

On getting forward in the attack:

“That’s my goal this year so far trying to get forward as much as possible. If I have the space, I’ll take it no matter what. Tonight, I’ll say it was one of the best games I’ve played going forward and hopefully I’ll continue that.”

On the 3 games in the 8-day stretch:

“Of course, it is going to be hard but we knew we were going to be up for it. We’re professionals at the end of the day and each game we take it like it is. We went up to Seattle and beat them 1-0, we came back here and beat Houston and we knew this game was going to be tough. The guys fought through the heavy legs in the first half and in the second half we were fine and got the result.”

Midfielder Damir Kreilach

On transitioning on to the team:

“I’m feeling good. It was a nice thing for us to take nine points in three games. It’s a great feeling. Today was a really good performance from us and we deserved to win. On defense and on offense we were really good, we created a lot of chances and the guys on the back played unbelievable.”

On team confidence:

“It was absolutely very important for us to take nine points in three games. We have to keep going; we have a lot of confidence. First of all, we have to concentrate for the cup game and then for the Los Angeles game on Saturday.”

On becoming a more compact team:

“We put a lot of work on this point in practice and we did it perfectly in the last three games. We have had been successful. To be compact in a game, it’s the most important thing and we did it these last three games. We won these games.”

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