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Raúl Ruidíaz playing FIFA as himself on Sounders

He’s just as excited to see how he looks in a Sounders uniform as we are.

It would appear as though Raúl Ruidíaz is just as excited to see how he looks playing for the Seattle Sounders as we are. At least, that’s what we’re choosing to take away from Ruidíaz sharing this image on his Instagram Story the other day.


Of course, this won’t be exactly how Ruidíaz looks whenever he makes his Sounders debut as he appears to be playing an older version of FIFA, as they obviously no longer have the Pacific Blue kits he’s wearing in this one.

But that also brings up the question why he gave himself No. 20? As recently as 2016 the No. 9 shirt was taken (Herculez Gomez wore it that year), but Zach Scott obviously had the No. 20 jersey that year. In last year’s version, both numbers should have been available. With Peru, Ruidíaz seems to wear the No. 11.

Of course, he also appears to be facing Millwall and using an orange snowball, so there’s a lot of random stuff going on here. Maybe we should just leave it at “he wanted to play as himself on the Sounders” and call it day...

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