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Midseason Q&A

As I hide from the sun I’ll host an AMA right here on this website.

I’m hiding in the AC of my house today as I exchange questions with Hudson River Blue. That means I have a few extra hours on a Saturday to host a Q&A. We’re avoiding Renton River Days and the Scottish Highland Games of Enumclaw, but if you enjoy festival season, feel free to comment about that.

Open Flavor Friday Saturday

Last night was sushi. We went that direction because it’s not hot and the Seattle market’s sushi prices were recently in the news. Captain Crunch, Dragon and Vegas rolls were are dinner of choice.

Beer I’m drinking that I sell

Eel River Craft Clarity - it’s a hard sparkling water from a great brewery down in Humbolt County, California. It’s light and refreshing, which is great for this weather.

AleSmight Barrel Aged Vintage Private Stock - I’m still waiting to open this unique experience. I’ll probably wait until the next time my group plays DnD and spread this $63 750 mL bottle among friends.

Beer I’m drinking I don’t sell

No Boat Bia Hoi Vietnamese Lager - light on ABV with a bit of malt.

Soccer Thoughts

  • I love the 3-4-2-1 with S2 lately, but it counts on having Tony Alfaro so I don’t know how much we will see it.
  • Sam Rogers excels with the ball at his feet.
  • I’m the wierdo who thinks Sounders need a better left back.
  • More Nico at the 8 please. More CRoldan at the 8 too.
  • Clint looked better after resting.
  • Megan Rapinoe owns.
  • Reign are a tier 2 team in NWSL and could host the Thorns.
  • Sounder at Heart’s 10th birthday is one month away. We’ll have news about a party and such soon.

Ask me anything

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