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Seattle Sounders vs. FC Dallas: Highlights, stats and quotes

“Even through all of the chaos, and through some of the tackles and some of the other stuff, I think for the most part our guys kept composure. And that’s what I was very proud of.” -Brian Schmetzer

Match Data


Seattle Sounders FC 2 - FC Dallas 1

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Venue: Xbox Pitch at CenturyLink Field

Referee: Ted Unkel

Assistants: Kyle Atkins, Jose J. Da Silva

Fourth Official: Jon Freemon

VAR: Edvin Jurisevic

Attendance: 39,522

Weather: 72 degrees and partly cloudy


SEA - Chad Marshall (Nicolás Lodeiro) 41’

DAL - Dominique Badji (Michael Barrios, Maxi Urruti) 52’

SEA - Nicolás Lodeiro 63’


SEA - Gustav Svensson (caution) 51’

SEA - Kim Kee-hee (caution) 78’

DAL - Reggie Cannon (caution) 80’

DAL - Reto Ziegler (ejection) 90’+1’


Seattle Sounders FC - Stefan Frei; Kelvin Leerdam (Román Torres 88’), Kim Kee-hee, Chad Marshall, Brad Smith (Waylon Francis 73’); Gustav Svensson, Osvaldo Alonso, Cristian Roldan, Nicolás Lodeiro, Harry Shipp (Victor Rodríguez 77’); Raúl Ruidíaz

Substitutes not used: Bryan Meredith, Will Bruin, Jordan McCrary, Jordy Delem

Total shots: 13 (Lodeiro, 3)

Shots on goal: 4 (Lodeiro, 2)

Fouls: 10 (Four players, 2)

Offside: 0

Corner-kicks: 14 (Lodeiro, 14)

Saves: 1 (Frei, 1)

FC Dallas - Jesse Gonzalez; Marquinhos Pedroso, Reto Ziegler, Matt Hedges - captain, Reggie Cannon (Cristian Coleman 90’); Carlos Gruezo, Victor Ulloa (Tesho Akindele 90’), Roland Lamah, Michael Barrios; Maxi Urruti, Dominique Badji (Pablo Aranguiz 62’)

Substitutes not used: Jimmy Maurer, Ryan Hollingshead, Jacori Hayes, Maynor Figueroa

Total shots: 7 (Gruezo/Urruti, 2)

Shots on goal: 2 (Badji/Urruti, 1)

Fouls: 12 (Barrios, 3)

Offside: 3 (Three players, 1)

Corner-kicks: 3 (Ulloa, 2)

Saves: 2 (Gonzalez, 2)

Post-Match Quotes


On the team spirit:

“I thought the first 20 to 25 minutes of this game, we were really good. Then there was that little 10-minute spell where we gave a couple of balls away. Look, it’s MLS, you’re going to have ebbs and flows of momentum. But I thought Dallas [for] 10, 12, 15 minutes got on top of us before Chad’s [Marshall] goal. And I thought that swung momentum back in our favor. And then, you know, making some adjustments at halftime didn’t seem to work because they scored first. But overall, yes, I felt pretty comfortable in most of the game. It was a very, very good performance. Not only just because it was three points. Not only because there was fight in the team. But, statistically I thought some of our passing percentages were pretty high. So, it was good.”

On Osvaldo Alonso and Gustav Svensson:

“Well, I think those two have been a good pair. They both bring a little different sort of toughness. Ozzie’s slide tackling, his feistiness. Gustav’s slide tackling, his aerial ability. And then they’re both pretty good on the ball, too. Gustav’s range of long passing is very good. Ozzie connects, again, 90-plus percentage of his passes. So, that combination has been very good. What’s made it good as well is they’re both smart soccer players. So, if Ozzie goes here, Gustav’s here. If Gustav goes here, Ozzie’s here. I think that connection is working very well.”

On the intensity of the match:

Oscar Pareja is a good coach. He always has his teams prepared. You know, there was a little bit of a narrative with them about last year they when they were really good – and even in 2016, they were very good when we beat them in the playoffs – then they had a very big, dramatic falling off. I think he’s cognizant of that. They lost to San Jose. So, he wanted to get his team prepared to come to Seattle to get points. They weren’t here just to sit back and try for a draw. I felt they came out to try and win the game. So, in that sense, credit to him. But, credit to our team. Even through all of the chaos, and through some of the tackles and some of the other stuff, I think for the most part our guys kept composure. And that’s what I was very proud of. Towards the end there, we kept our composure and were able to close out the game.”

On Brad Smith’s debut:

“It was pretty good. You guys saw what Garth [Lagerwey], Chris [Henderson], and those guys saw. He’s got good speed, good crossing ability. [He is an] attack-minded player. I thought, overall, he was enthusiastic to play. He hadn’t played a lot of games in the last few years, so you could kind of tell in his play, he was happy to be on the pitch. So, we were overall very pleased. We’ll watch the film to try and get him acclimated a little bit more with the players that he’s playing with. We’ll try to educate him about MLS, the standards there. There were a couple of times where he was complaining about the refereeing. But, we’ll get him up to speed, and he was very good.”


On if tonight’s match felt like a playoff atmosphere:

“Yeah, it was intense and physical. Obviously, things got a little weird at the end, but we’ve had some battles with them over the years, so every game is super intense.”

On his goal off a corner kick:

“Nico [Lodeiro] serves a good ball, it’s just about making good runs. We had enough in the first half – it felt like we had 100 corner kicks. It would have looked bad if we didn’t get one. I was happy to get on the end of it. It was a great ball by Nico.”

On how playing against FC Dallas is difficult:

“It’s their speed, the way they get at you on the counter. Obviously, they have a lot of quality around the box, and they can get at you fast with their speed. I thought we did a good job eliminating their opportunities. Even when they broke out, we got back well and they had to play negative, so it was good.”

On if there was a different buzz around the stadium tonight:

“Yeah, it was exciting. The stadium is always amazing, but tonight felt good. We’ve had a lot of day games, so it was nice to play under the lights again. It seemed like the crowd was super into it. Obviously, they were excited to see Brad [Smith], and we got three points at home. That’s all that matters.”

On Brad Smith’s performance:

“It was good. Up and down the left, you can see his quality. We’re happy to have him.”


On playing in front of the home crowd for the first time:

“They were very good fans. I’m happy to play in front of them. They gave me a great reception when I came off. I’m just looking forward to the next game now.”

On his performance:

“We just finished preseason in England and I’m just getting into my groove. I think it will take a few games to get everything going, but I was happy with my performance and the team did well. I’m glad to get a win.”

On if the physicality of the game surprised him:

“Yeah, the little kicks and things like that were a bit different, but I’m used to it. Football is physical nowadays and I’m used to it now.

On how he feels physically:

“I feel good. Just at the end, I did a cross and felt a little pinch in my groin, but I’ve had it checked and I’m just going to ice it now. It feels good. It should be fine for the next game.”


On the difference in the team since the loss to Portland:

“It’s night and day. We felt like we were the better team on the day, specifically with Portland, but it’s night and day. You see how loud it is in here and you see how much energy every player has after these games. It’s about the camaraderie that this team has. We lose together and we win together. That’s the most important thing – you have a team that’s committed to each other. It’s potentially a playoff team. It’s potentially a championship team, but you also need your talented players to come along and do their part as well.”

On if he felt a different buzz in the stadium tonight:

“Totally and you saw how offensive we were and how committed we were to scoring an early goal. Unfortunately it didn’t come our way, but you saw how many guys were bombing forward and how much energy we had off the bat. It’s part of what we want to improve on. I think we’ve had slow starts in the past, but it’s part of the flare that the fans give us for sure.”

On his battle with Marquinhos Pedroso:

“He’s a solid player. He’s built and strong and is a decent defender. I felt like it was going to be a difficult game for me specifically. I tried to make a lot of runs to create a lot of space for Kelvin [Leerdam] and make runs in the box because Raúl [Ruidíaz] is a finisher. If he gets one chance, he’ll bang it. Unfortunately Raul didn’t, but I try to make those runs so other players have more space.”

On if he enjoys getting roughed up in the corner while trying to waste time:

“I anticipated it. I told Nico that once he passed me the ball they were going to foul me so just get my back. And it happened. And it happened again. Then Nico told me to kick the ball off their chest. The time wasting thing is all fun and games when you’re on that side of it. When you’re on the other side I know how frustrating it is. It’s about closing games off and being professional. It’s not about any remorse on the game specifically or the opponent. It’s closing out the game and getting the three points.”


On if it felt like a playoff game:

“It was like a final. Dallas is the best team in our conference. We played like a final and we fought like a final, because we needed to win.”

On if Cristian Roldan got under the skin of Dallas in the last few minutes:

“Yes, we knew at the end of the game that they were desperate and anxious, so we knew that we needed to hold the ball and try to get under their skin and try to get them even more desperate and anxious. The game was very tough as well, and we wanted to be sure that we were spending enough minutes so the game would go through without having to risk anything.”

On what Dallas did to make it tough for Raúl Ruidíaz to get the ball:

“They studied us really well, so they knew our touches, they knew the moves that Raúl Ruidíaz usually does, and they knew the way that we could go off their opportunities. So, they did their pre-work. They studied us really well. In the end, I thought we were a very fair winner, because we outplayed them, and we played to win.”


On the match:

“I’m very proud of our players. It was such a difficult environment and I thought we played very well. We played a good side in Seattle. As everybody knows, they’re on a good run, and today, with the amount of corner kicks that we gave up, it was difficult to control the set plays. With [Nicolas] Lodeiro did a great job in that part, but otherwise, I thought we played a pretty good game. I’ve very proud of our players, especially in the second half when we found our goal and had some moments where we kept the ball on the ground. It was a very competitive game and I thought we were up to it. Congratulations to Seattle. It was a beautiful MLS game with a lot of passion and a lot of intensity, but at the same time, a bunch of plays from both sides that you want to give to fans, and that is remarkable.”

On Dominique Badji’s debut:

“It was very important for Dominique to debut and have that goal. I think it’s a great way to come into the game. We still have many games in front of us. These guys have cumulated a lot of points that has put them in a good position, but just having Dominique and Pablo [Aranguiz] getting action is very refreshing and is going to help us.”

On what happened leading up to the red card and then after the final whistle:

“I just saw the petition for the violent contact against Reto [Ziegler]. That’s what I saw. Then you guys can decide if that was the right call or not. After I saw it, I thought everyone would’ve seen it, but I thought it was violent contact against our player. What happened in the corner is understandable. It’s a team that wants to waste time and it’s part of the game. We have done it as well. It’s frustrating, but we need to manage those moments better. When I say passion, it’s because normally at this stage in the league, everyone wants to scratch points and that’s part of this beautiful game.”

On what he said to Osvaldo Alonso after the game:

“Ozzie is a player that I respect and admire a lot. I know about his passion and I know he knows me. We were just talking about that play, with respect. It was just things that will stay on the field.”

On if he was trying to get control of the situation and calm everyone down:

“Yes, because it’s normal. These are athletes who are playing with heart rates and sometimes it’s difficult if you want to control them, so hopefully they don’t do things that they regret – for both teams. It’s very unfair because both teams played a great game on the field and sides are going to miss players. That’s not the intention and trying to control them is not easy.”

On Pablo Aranguiz making his debut:

“I am very happy to see that talent in there. Pablo brought a lot of creativity and in the short time he’s been with us, I think Major League Soccer is going to have a great player. He’s investing his talent and his youth in this league and believes in the process of Major League Soccer. I’m very content.”


On making his debut:

“It felt good. It was nice to be out there, nice to play a game again. Not the result we wanted, but it felt good to be out there and play with the goals.”

On what he saw in the buildup to his goal:

“Just to get into the box. I know that [Michael] Barrios and all the wingers – [Roland] Lamah and all of them – when they get to the side, they’re going to look for me in the box and give me a chance. I know that if I got myself in the box, I’d get a little piece of it.”

On how he felt as the game progressed:

“It was tough. I bring a lot more to the game than I showed today for sure, especially in the first half. But, just getting my feet wet, and I have to keep going. The game is not going to slow down for you, so I just have to adapt, which is going to take maybe a couple of games. There were glimpses there where I know I’m going to get a lot of chances to score goals here.”

On how the chemistry is developing among the forwards:

“It’s slow. But, like anything, chemistry takes time. So, reps in practice and, most importantly, playing in games is what’s going to solidify that. And that’s something that, going forward, I’m looking forward to doing.”

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