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LevyFilm Highlights: Sounders blast Galaxy 5-0

There were some beauties in this one.

What to say about this one? Happy Birthday Coach Schmetzer, Brian to most. Sigi wouldn’t want our pity and we ain’t offerin’.

Let’s start with Chad, the 6-foot-4 giant who came here from Columbus, a Sigi guy wasn’t only a defender-of-the-year, but could use his head with incredible accuracy.

Then Gustav, with Thor’s hammer embedded in his right foot, who is playing on a truly world class level, GOOOSE!

Leerdam is such a luxury at right back, so smooth, a nightmare on the wing for defenders.

Stef starts it all; never mind the shutouts and saves, his feet have been impeccable, as they are in training every day.

The point of the spear is certainly Ruidiaz, and he has totally changed everything. His warrior’s grimace and quick smile are equally effective, and he is ruthless, always looking to cause harm, immediately. His movement is so efficient and unforgiving to the defense, it causes panic that results in say, own goals by a former Sounder who happens to be a really good guy. But we offer him no pity either.

Then there’s Roldan. Cristian, been watching you since your freshman year at UW. Coach Clark said your heart makes you special, that you never lose a battle, always on the edge, yet under control, and with such attacking ability, truly rare, “special”.

Alonso is like a more mature version of the player that all his teammates agreed was the most amazing a few years ago. Your are a deserving Captain, a Sounders legend still doing it on the pitch.

Nouhou, you played with your head and your physical gifts in the same game. Does Schmetz deserve any credit? He’d say no.

Lodeiro, you are our Messi, but you do more, your service is the best we’ve ever seen, and we are so lucky to witness what you do all over the freakin’ field. If Sigi should be bitter about anything, it should be missing out on having you, Nico, in his 18.

Harry from Lake Forest, everyone is happy when the soccer gods remember you.

This game could have easily been 7-0, or maybe a lot closer, especially if a certain player had not refused to make the trip and instead let the Sounders dunk all over his team. The Sounders have a team talented enough to win it all. We know that now.

Didn’t even mention V-Rod. Or Deuce. The challenge may be timing, because the hole was big and odds are they will sh#t the bed one more time at least.

The offense still hasn’t really gelled or had enough beautiful goals from run of play. But they will, soon. There will be some brutally close games and glorious romps and let downs we can’t afford. Next weekend should be fun, but it won’t be for the faint of heart.

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