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With the best social media, Sounders cut down Timbers off the pitch

Winning on and off the field takes a team effort.

MLS: Seattle Sounders at Portland Timbers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

By now, all of our readers know that the results of what happened during the game. But not only did the Sounders win on the field last night, they won off it as well. Over the course of a few hours last night, and even throughout the day today, the Sounders’ social media team has released some high-quality content celebrating the win, Portland’s loss, and even their current playoff spot.

If you’re not like me and don’t spend countless hours refreshing Twitter or Instagram all day, then you may have missed some of their posts. Don’t worry, I’ll recap them below.

Hold This ‘L’

The Sounders social media team really put the LLLL in portLLLLand. Want your own gif of this to send to your favorite Portland friend? Find it here.

WWWWWWWinner, WWWWWWWinner Chicken Dinner!

A little housekeeping never bothered hurt. Got to make sure to convey the most accurate information at all times.

The Drive Home

Probably the video with the most elements of surprise. I’ve watched it at least 74 times and still am surprised by things.

A Party at Providence

You know the relief you felt when the ref finally blew the final whistle? This one shows the players and coaches feeling that too.

Movin’ On Up

This will make you dance where ever you are.

Two Days Off

How can you not love this team?

It feels good to win every game, but beating Portland is so much better.

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