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Sounder at Heart’s history told through some of our favorite stories

From expansion to analytics, from the Reign to an MLS Cup we have many thousands of tales. We tried to keep it to ten. We failed.

MLS Cup Viewing Party Dave Clark

From the earliest days Sounder at Heart attempted to fuse pop(or subpop) culture references into analysis and news about the team. The first of these stories that burst out from the tiny Sounder-sphere into national recognition was the fusion of Ender’s Game and that first-ever match by the Seattle Sounders.

Writers would join the site. Some would go on to cover bigger teams than the Sounders. But their stops here were wonderful art that showed team-specific writing about soccer could be technical and flowery.

SaH embraces math. It did that when I started, but smarter people joined me over time. They explored the Sounders and the league.

The greatest American soccer player of all time joined the team. The offense that flowed through the drift compatible duo lost the second forward after a couple years.

While news, rumors and analysis remain the core of Sounder at Heart, we still believe in fun. We believe that math, staring at film for hours, networking are examples of our passion. You know what else is an example of passion? MLS teams as Disney characters.

None of us are professional, at least not full-time in covering the Seattle Sounders, the Seattle Reign and the rest of the topics we discuss. But many of us have been or are professional writers/artists/photographers/videographers/editors/etc. Sounder at Heart is personnel. We embrace our passions and declare them right in the name. Our heart is the Sound. We are Sounders.

We are also Reign. From the super-team that the Sounders Women put together in a fateful year, to the foundation of the Reign, to a World Cup just over the border in Canada, we cover women’s soccer in the region. This expansion never reduces coverage as some fools feared. Instead it amplifies our understanding of the sport and our love of Puget Sound soccer. Ride of the Valkyries provides vital coverage of the Reign.

Together, the staff of these two sites covered the worst moment, an admittedly legendary moment, in the history of the Sounders.

Together, this staff covered the greatest moment in Sounders history — an MLS Cup win that had multiple writers, a photographer and more in the stadium and a watch party with hundreds.

It’s a credit to the readers and community built around the teams we cover and the city that centers us that this website made it from August 28, 2008 to today. We’re throwing a party with you.

This birthday, this longevity, is about nearly 100 contributors and many, many thousands of readers. Our promise to you is that 10 years is only the beginning. We will keep growing as long as you keep reading.

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