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It’s taken a village to build this community

This thank you letter feels a bit like an Oscars speech.

Sounder at Heart Logo 2012

I never thought this crazy idea to have a team specific soccer blog would make it ten years. I never thought people would read what I wrote. Making it to this milestone reminds me to thank a lot of people.

First off, the godfathers of Sounder at Heart have never written here, but without them it doesn’t exist — Jason Churchill hosted the site in its first days and David Falk created the best Seattle soccer forum in the world (Goal Seattle). Without either of them this thing never happens.

Next, I need to thank my co-managing editor, and SB Nation boss, Jeremiah Oshan. He talked me into bringing him on as a reporter and since then he’s become a grand friend and excellent cohort. Deputy Editor Susie Rantz convinced me to expand coverage into Seattle-area women’s soccer. Sidereal is now editor emeritus and still tells us when we screw up,

I’m not going to break down the rest of the staff by role. We have editors, social specialists, photographers, writers, moderators and advisers. All of them are vital. So here’s a list of all of those who have written a story for Sounder at Heart:

Andrew Harvey, Max Aquino, Spenser Davis, Chris Blakely, Mark Kastner, Jacob Landsberg, Ryan Cowper, Jacob Sweeney-Samuelson, Steve Voght, Realio, Chris Tobin, Ethan Swenson, ccaldwell83, LikkitP, Brett Hightower, agtk, Andrew Beck, Aaron Campeau, Kayla Mehring, Casey Dunau, MLSwatercolorist, Jacob Cristobal, RJ Allen, queenofcascadia, DMP, Scott Burbidge, FrankMSounders, Ricky Varwig, Mike Russell, Peter Woodburn, nimajneb, Sounder Junkie, Justin Solomon, Niko Moreno, Doug Mackar, Emily Cummings, SierraLandholm, Keith Salas, RealDoctorFakeName, djimijones, The Other Sheriff, Jane Gershovich, Jose Rivera, alexkummert, Jabsco, MiVidaSeattle, Mike D’Onofrio, Mil Storm, Isaac Slaughter, aolsh, mcnarnia, Ian Shioyama, Nick Borriello, Andrew Winner, Randy Meeker, Abbott Smith, MikeStandish, _zorbthegeek, Devlin Rose, Eric Flatness, dc13, Miki Turner, Paul Cox, CarlosT, Dizzo, Jake Reeder, Liviu Bird, Graham MacAree, Kirsten Schlewitz, Brian Floyd, Doug...

I’m certain I’ve missed someone. Every time I try to get all of the staffers current and present the system has removed someone either intentionally or accidentally.

A coach, Brain Schmetzer, wrote for us. Both Steve Zakuani and Mike Fucito published letters here. Jhon Kennedy Hurtado passed us a goodbye message we shared via Facebook.

I need to thank the heads of SB Nation soccer who helped me and Sounder at Heart along the way — Steve Davis, Graham MacAree, Jeremiah Oshan. They’ve had various assistants and editors at Those people who I’ve worked with the most are Ryan Rosenblatt, Alicia Rodriguez, Kirsten Schlewitz, Conor Dowley and Richard Farley.

The number of people involved in helping Sounder at Heart succeed is huge. The owners of the Seattle Sounders, Seattle Reign, Tacoma Stars (U23s/Sounders Women) and Sounders 2 all deserve recognition. They’ve all supported us beyond what many sports franchises would do for a tiny blog. Sounders PR directors Frank MacDonald and Alex Caulfield have been vital as well.

I want to thank my seatmates. Colin, Doug, Bobby, and Aaron have put up with me being half-fan, half-celebrity during games.

Tyler Bleszinski listened to John Fontana and accepted me into SB Nation. Sounder at Heart would not be where it is without either of them.

Finally, I want to thank my family. They’ve put up with me blogging on vacations, evenings, weekends, daytime, whenever and where ever. My wife has to put up with that the most. Without her support there are dozens of times I would have quit. I love her.

I already said “finally”, but it’s also time to thank you. I’m still amazed that I write words about soccer and people think they have value. I appreciate your support.

Let’s do ten more years, and ten more after that — Eternal blog, forever screens.

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