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Will Bruin wanted us to turn him into a meme; we did

Bruin knew what had to be done.

For most of us, the moment when Zarek Valentin executed a “Cruyff turn” on Will Bruin to make space for a cross was rather inconsequential. Sure, Samuel Armenteros ended up with a clean look at a header, but it sailed over the crossbar and had no influence on the game’s outcome.

But it was a bit different for Bruin. Apparently, his wife — Caitlin, a former collegiate volleyball player — found it hilarious and was giving him a hard time about it.

Rather than sulk, Bruin decided he wanted to own it. He reached out to Sounder at Heart and asked us if we could turn it into a meme. “The one where they fly into space,” he clarified.

Admittedly, we were a bit confused at first. But once we confirmed that, yes, this is really what he wanted and of course we should share it with the world, we did the polite thing: We made it.

As luck would have it, MLS Watercolorist has experience with this sort of thing, having made one following the New York Red Bulls game last year. It cost her a full night of sleep, but she was able to crank this out. We’re pretty proud of it, especially the ending.

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