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Former S2 player scores goal that ‘Pele couldn’t’

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Sergio Mota scored 4 goals with S2 in 2015. This is better than all of them, combined.

Since leaving Seattle Sounders 2 after a four-goal season in 2015, Sergio Mota has drifted between teams. Now with his fourth side he’s having a strong season. His seven goals lead Chinese club Zhejiang Yiteng, part of League One (the second division).

This goal is a stunner from about 8 yards on his team’s side of the centerline (about 65 yards out).

If you remember Mota’s time with S2 it is likely because he was a slick scoring threat who helped the attack, and because of this...

sergio mota kick nuts red

Good on Sergio for settling in over in China and dominating that level.