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Hey it’s our 10th birthday party, so it’s your 10th birthday party too

Come celebrate Sounder at Heart’s birthday with us at Cheney Stadium.

Way back on August 28, 2008 Sounder at Heart went live. It was a silly idea to combine the detailed analysis of the best Seattle baseball sites at the time, the passion of sports radio, and quirky writing that includes my loves that are not soccer related, but which Puget Sound soccer fans also love. SaH came to include breaking news that rivals any organization covering the Sounders or any other American soccer team.

Back then it was a tiny idea with 31 viewers in that first short month. It grew to become an extraordinary community. This powerful community has raised tens of thousands for charity programs that stretch from Haiti to Japan and focus right here on the shores of Puget Sound.

We’re inviting you to a party to celebrate all of that. The party will start September 2 at Noon, with the Seattle Sounders 2 game starting at 1:30 PM. Buy tickets using promo code SAH.


If you can’t read all that nifty stuff on the flyer let’s walk you through it.

  • PARTY DECK - It’s Party Deck 1, the closest to the field. It runs from the centerline to the north goal.
  • TICKET FOR ENTRY - If you already have a ticket call your rep, give it to a friend who hates Sounder at Heart, or sell it.
  • & BEVERAGES - Beer, wine, soda, water — yes, all inclusive.
  • PERSONAL DECK ATTENDANT - We never yacht alone, even when our yacht is historic Cheney Stadium.
  • NAME IN LIGHTS - Yep, we’re going to let the few hundred people at S2 games that don’t know about Sounder at Heart know about us.

It’s $33 dollars. That’s a great value when you use the promo code SAH.

The S2 broadcasters are going to hang out with you pregame/postgame. This was easy for me to confirm because two of the three S2 broadcasters are Sounder at Heart staffers.

And there may be other surprises!

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