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September International Break Q&A

The rain has returned to the lands and the Sounders have returned to the Playoffs. Ask me anything.

I’m hiding in the AC of my house today as I exchange questions with Hudson River Blue. That means I have a few extra hours on a Saturday to host a Q&A. We’re avoiding Renton River Days and the Scottish Highland Games of Enumclaw, but if you enjoy festival season, feel free to comment about that.

Open Flavor Friday Saturday

My current favorite bacon is Hempler’s center cut. Also, bacon is best from the oven.

Beer I’m drinking that I sell

Boulder Dragonhosen - It’s an imperial oktoberfest. This marzen tastes sweet and kicks you in the butt. But it can defeat dragons.

AleSmith Nut Brown - A bit of malt, a bit of hops and a wholly approachable beer.

Dungeons and Dragons thoughts

If you’ve never played the game before the Starter Set is still the best place to start, but Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is the second best place to start for a player. The City of Splendors is anachronistic fantasy at its finest. There’s magic and amazing creatures, but it also feels like a living city that you’ve dipped into with villains whose motivations make sense.

Soccer Thoughts

  • They Rep Seattle — The Storm are awesome and good. This isn’t soccer except that many soccer players like the team.
  • S2 discovered grit, determination and the Sounders way.
  • S2 could return 100% of their squad and contend for the playoffs in 2019. The Markey addition gives them 3 USL level (or better) at every position group.
  • After three seasons of this the rest of MLS better figure out how to catch up to second half runs.
  • With the Dempsey news it’s time for a serious discussion about the Ring of Honor including Sounders. I’ll probably write more about this.
  • Chad Marshall > Aaron Long >>>>> every other CB in MLS this year.
  • The Nations League thing is stupid, but I’m proud of the victory by Guilder.
  • This winter’s DP hunt is going to be exciting.

Ask me anything

If you have a question for another SaH/RoValks staffer mention them in the subject line

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