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How to watch the final two rounds of the 2019 MLS SuperDraft

Seattle picks 68th overall.

MLS: SuperDraft Nuccio DiNuzzo-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS SuperDraft continues with rounds three and four, starting Monday at 10 a.m. Pacific. Seattle Sounders only have a pick in the third round, at the 20th spot. The first pick today, 49th overall, goes to FC Cincinatti. FCC has three more picks, but the leader in late round picks is the LA Galaxy with four picks. Last year one third of teams passed at least once during rounds three or four.

Because the league has expanded it is important to think of a draft pick’s value not by round, but by overall position. For example Mike Fucito was a 4th round pick, but a player at his value would be more similar to his 46th overall selection.

Seattle drafted the following players after the second round* who eventually made the organization — Andy Craven (3rd**, 48th overall in 2015), Charlie Lyon (4th, 75th overall in 2015), Fabio Pereira (4th, 77th overall the final pick in 2014), Will Bates (3rd, 43th overall in 2013), Alex Caskey (3rd, 47th overall in 2011), Josh Ford (4th, 65th overall in 2011), and Mike Fucito (4th round, 46th overall).

* this includes rounds three and beyond, including those in the now defunct Supplemental Draft. Rounds and picks are the equal to the modern draft format.
** Craven, Bates, Caskey and Fucito would all be second round picks in the current era.

How to Watch

Date/time: 10 a.m. PT, Monday Jan. 14, 2017

Venue: Conference Call

Online Streaming: Twitter

MLS Official Tracker: MLS Soccer

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