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January live Questions & Answers

Sounders opened preseason just over a week ago and Tacoma embraced the Reign and Defiance, ask me anything during my unintentional three-day weekend.

SaH logo 2
This was the first Sounder at Heart logo. A lot’s changed since then.

I’ve got an unexpected three-day weekend. Let’s do a Q&A about the Seattle Sounders, Tacoma Defiance, Reign FC and the other things that we nerd out about together.

Open Flavor Friday Saturday Thursday

Beer I’m drinking that I used to sell

Killer Penguin, Boulder Brewing — this is a barleywine just under $10 for a 22 oz. bottle. It’s sweet, not as malty as some. The body could be a bit bigger. (Malt & Vine)

Beer I’m drinking that I don’t sell

Murder of Crows, from Skookum — A thick stout, with a bit of creaminess. Full bodied and roasty, it’s a great sipping beer. (Woodblock)

Geek thoughts

In my quest to develop a Rebellion & Uprising product I’ve developed the following archetypes/subclasses;

  • Rogue: Propagandist
  • Rogue: Liberator
  • Druid: Circle of Sewers
  • Fighter: Conscript

I’ve failed to get a workable idea for a counter-spell master.

Soccer writing in the pipeline

  • Tacoma’s Heidelberg stadium project.
  • Sam Rogers’ World Cup goals.
  • A weekly post about Nouhou v. Smith.
  • Bone and the Air Force Academy.

Ask me anything

If you have a question for another SaH/RoValks staffer mention them in the subject line

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