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Match Fitness: Burning Dallas with fire looks

The Sounders came in hot from the moment they entered the stadium.

Cristian Roldan says, “Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!”
Sounders FC Digital

Cristian Roldan (pictured above) Came strutting into the stadium ready for the challenge that FC Dallas’s midfield would pose. If you’ve been following for a little while, you’ll know that patterned button-up shirts are basically Roldan’s signature look. I can’t quite tell what the print or pattern is on this one, but I like that he’s using the white base and brighter pastel colors in the print to create some contrast and break up the navy of the rest of his outfit. Speaking of the navy in this look, I really dig Roldan’s bomber. The fit is perfect: slim enough to take advantage that he’s a professional athlete and in incredible shape, but not so tight that it’s bulging or uncomfortable looking. I think we’re sort of moving beyond the moment that bomber jackets were having for a while, but they’re still a classic look and can be a great piece for finishing off an outfit.

Gustav Svensson and Brad Smith
Sounders FC Digital

Gustav Svensson and Brad Smith are taking very different approaches to Fall style here, but the one thing they seem to agree on is the perfection of a neutral pallet as the leaves change and fall around them.

Svensson, for his part, is working with a little more color. As Roldan did, the majority of this outfit is navy. The coat is a nice wool number that hits mid-thigh, and is light enough for the weird weather fluctuations of Fall, but heavy enough to keep you warm through all but the coldest of Seattle days. It’s not a great option in the rain, but if you’re not going to be spending a ton of time out in it you probably don’t have to worry too much about that. Goose’s shirt is an olive color that, unlike a brighter or richer green, works really well as a neutral color. Whether it’s a shirt, pants, or a jacket, olive is a great way to add a little pop to an outfit without necessarily making it “colorful.”

Smith’s neutral look is much simpler. Using just black and khaki, he uses fit and styling details to create interest with this look. Never having met a pair of pants that were too slim fitting, Smith’s pair of moto jeans are a pretty cool piece. I like that the distressing isn’t totally over the top, and is carried throughout the outfit from the jeans to the shirt jacket. The shirt jacket is an item we’ve seen him wear before, but it’s an excellent top for the season. With the weight of it, you might want a rain jacket or something over the top if you’re going to be outside, but you won’t overheat or get too cold in most circumstances during the rest of your day. I’m not sure if Smith’s wearing a cuff bracelet of some sort or if that’s a watch, but I do like the style of his wedding ring. It’s got some good size to it and looks rounded with a polished finish. It’s simple and classic, but big enough to still be distinct and noticeable.

Joevin Jones and Jordy Delem
Sounders FC Digital

Joevin Jones and Jordy Delem walked in without Nouhou this time around, but that didn’t stop them from dressing like they usually do. Jones remains probably the only current Sounders player that I’d expect to wear Versace — there’s just something about Joevin Jones and a Versace shirt that just makes sense. I’m going to assume that he was wearing a jacket in the car, but took it off so that everyone could see this polo, mostly because his sleeves are turned up in spots and I assume that wasn’t a styling choice. The wash on his jeans is an interesting one, stuck sort of between being a really dark, indigo wash and a more typical blue jean. Other than that, though, they’re a pair of jeans. They’re skinny, but so is he, so it works pretty well.

Delem’s rocking quite the cardigan here, maybe inspired by Luchi Gonzalez’s last visit to Seattle. I think the cardigan is a miss for a couple of reasons. First, I can’t quite tell how it’s supposed to fit. The sweater comes down past his waist — not so much so that it really looks over-sized or like he’s wearing a size too big, but the seams for the shoulders are around the tops of his biceps and he’s got a huge cuff on his sleeves. Delem doesn’t exactly have short arms, so I’m really at a loss with the size and fit here. Beyond that, I just don’t personally love the sweater. There’s something weird to me about what I’m pretty sure is a hooded cardigan regardless of anything else about it, but the style of this particular one feels dated. Don’t get me wrong — I love a cardigan in general, and I especially love a cable-knit, but the contrasting color of the marled yarn used for the bulk of the sweater and the wide placket and band at the waistline just looks like something from the Gap in the early-2000s. I will say that Delem’s got a great eye for how his jeans should fit, though, and I really like the wash of the pair he’s got on here.

Bryan Meredith and Jordan Morris
Sounders FC Digital

Bryan Meredith and Jordan Morris take drastically different approaches to getting dressed for a match, but I love them both the same.

Meredith’s back with another great suiting look, pulling out this great plaid jacket that we saw him wear earlier this year. A previously unnoticed detail on that jacket is the electric blue lining that weirdly matches that curtains he’s walking by. One thing that I like about Meredith’s style is that he keeps things pretty simple for the most part, but likes a lot of detail and he puts a lot of thought into how he combines things. The pants and shirt are super straight forward — a plain white button-up and blue chinos — while the jacket’s a bit of a departure with its intricate pattern, but it’s still a pretty standard sport coat. If you look closer, though, you’ll notice that the jacket has a line of pink that is worked throughout the pattern, which he pulled out by matching a pocket square. Then, while they’re not all the same hue of blue, his pants, the lining of his jacket, and his hat all work together.

Meredith finishes the look off by grounding it with a pair of the most comfortable dress shoes I’ve ever worn, Cole Haan OriginalGrands. The look is really solid. I wonder how many hats Meredith’s got, though. I’m guessing at least five.

Jordan Morris, he of Comeback Player of the Year fame, prefers more of a street style aesthetic. The plaid cargo pants are something we’ve seen him wear before. I still probably wouldn’t rock them, but I think Morris pulls them off. The two-in-one hoodie and pea coat can look corny in the wrong hands, but this one looks pretty good. The fit is good, just a touch loose so that you can layer underneath it, but not so much that it looks like he’s swimming in it. It looks cool and comfortable. The t-shirt is an interesting one — it’s from an Off-White × Dover Street Market collab. Some of the Off-White clothing stuff isn’t really my taste, but I think this tee works. He rounds out the whole look with a pair of black low-top Converse × Comme des Garcons sneakers, which are a pretty accessible piece of designer footwear at $135.

I usually don’t concern myself too much with the brands and price tags for this column, because that’s not really the point, but with Morris I think that it’s at least worth mentioning. The original idea that eventually evolved into this column was that maybe when Jordan Morris pulls off a nice fit he plays better. I don’t think that the two actually line up all that cleanly, but there’s certainly something to say about how clothes can contribute to confidence, and Morris is absolutely a confidence player. He showed up to face FC Dallas in a whole bunch of designer gear and he scored his first professional hat trick and the team’s first post-season hat trick. I don’t think that was completely a coincidence.

Neiko Thorpe
Seahawks Digital

Neiko Thorpe might be a member of the Seattle Seahawks, but on Sunday he was showing the Sounders some love when he showed up at their shared stadium. The Sounders bomber jacket is an absolute grail from Mitchell and Ness (if you’re a small or extra-small, you can find one here). I appreciate that he got his Antoni on a little bit with the bandana that he’s matched to the jacket. He also probably got as close as he could with anything in his closet when he pulled out the Jordan 1 Retro High Gatorade Cybers that he’s got one here. I’d also be remiss if I failed to mention the Gucci belt and belt buckle he’s got on. All told, that’s a big ol’ fit that is infinitely more impressive than what the Seahawks did later that day.

That’s it for this round, but I’ll be back after tonight’s game to break down the fashion again. Let’s hope for big fits and bigger performances!

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