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Match Fitness: Chains ‘n’ thangz

In a big showing from the boys, all the jewelry stole the stage.

Jordy Delem, Nouhou, and Joevin Jones
Sounders FC Digital

Last time around I was a little down on the outerwear choices made by Jordy Delem (pictured above). Ahead of the RSL game, though, Delem took what was a weakness in his game and made it his strength. The star of his outfit here is, surprisingly enough, a Zara bomber jacket. Honestly, this technicolor junk food dream might be my favorite thing that anyone on the team has worn all season. The jacket is colorful and fun, and it fits him really well. Jordy balanced the bold look of the jacket with a dialed-back t-shirt and khakis. That wasn’t enough for Delem, though, as he might love jewelry and accessories as much as I do. His Gucci belt buckle is big and bold, but I really like the custom medallion on his chain with his initials — that almost mimics the Gucci symbol on his belt buckle — and the rings on both ring fingers. The one on his left is a pretty standard gold band, and the right is shaped a little more like a sort of signet ring. They’re understated and cool, and just another example of how Delem’s been shining this year.

Delem was joined by Nouhou Tolo and Joevin Jones once again, and while they may not have shone quite as brightly as he did, they didn’t look too shabby themselves. Jordy’s clearly the main focus of the picture here, and for good reason, but there’s still plenty to appreciate from the other two. First, Jordy’s not the only one with a big ol’ Gucci belt buckle. They’re not quite the exact same — the lettering on the logo is a little thicker on Delem’s — but they’re both pretty flashy. As usual all three are rocking pretty good sized watches. Nouhou and Delem both opted for silver or steel options, while Jones has a nice gold timepiece.

On the clothing front, Nouhou’s got a pretty strong black Western shirt on here. The solid color may be a departure from the more colorful pieces we often see him wear, but with the yoke and snap closures this shirt still packs plenty of style. Jones didn’t just go for a black shirt, as he went for an all-black outfit here. I really dig his approach here, with the only true black piece being his polo. The denim of his jacket and pants have a nice fade to them, making the palette read as grey and black rather than just black. The distressing on the jacket works in tandem with the wash, making the whole thing look even more badass.

Stefan Frei, Brad Smith, Gustav Svensson
Sounders FC Digital

Everyone loves a trio — the Three Musketeers, Three Blind Mice, the Three Little Pigs, Harry, Ron, and Hermione — so we’re featuring a second threesome here. Stefan Frei, clearly feeling himself after a dominant performance against FC Dallas, is giving off some serious Terminator vibes. He kept things simple with a black and white palette, mixing his black moto pants and jacket with a white polo. The real key to this fit is in the details of the pants and jacket. The gold zippers and contrast-color fabric on the pants and the quilting on the shoulders of the jacket may not jump out at first glance, but that’s what really makes the look fly. The only divergence from the black and white ensemble for Frei is his Louis Vuitton bag. If you’re going to splash on your accessories, you might as well make sure they’re classics.

Brad Smith put together a solid look here, even if it’s not necessarily one of the standouts from this game. This was an outfit that we’ve seen before, but the consistency of how he executes the details is why he’s always going to be worth paying attention to. The clean black denim is a classic touch, but I really dig this dark plaid shirt. The black and olive color combination of the shirt is fantastic, and is an excellent use of the same sort of olive as both a neutral and a splash of color that we also saw from Gustav Svensson last game. All three guys have their bags here, but Smith’s the only one sporting Gucci rather than Louis Vuitton. His might be the biggest, though, for whatever that’s worth.

Svensson kept things simple and casual with some clean blue denim and a black button-up. I really like the feel of this shirt, it seems airy with a linen vibe, but still has enough weight to it to keep him from getting too cold. His sleeves are rolled up, clearly in preparation for the hard work ahead of him. Gustav’s hair isn’t the most talked about on the team, but it’s low-key fantastic. Letting your hair grow out is a pretty hot trend right now, and he’s way ahead of the wave. It’s not necessarily the easiest look to pull off, but Svensson makes it look effortless.

Nicolás Lodeiro
Sounders FC Digital

I don’t think any player in Sounders history gets quite as excited for beanie season as Lodeiro does. When there’s even the slightest chill in the air, that’s all the excuse he needs to pull on this Kenzo hat that he clearly loves. Nico really has a knack for working super flashy stuff into an otherwise nice, but understated wardrobe (see all the Kenzo and Moschino pieces he’s shown up in this season). The rest of this look is really good! His grey denim is skinny, but not quite as spandex-like as some of the other stuff he’s rocked in the past, and the sweater is awesome. It’s a great weight, the fit is slim but comfortable, and it looks soft as hell. I dig the gold watch, adding another little flash to a dark simple outfit, and finishing the whole look off with a great pair of black cap-toe lace-ups is super classy.

The Roldan Family
Sounders FC Digital

The Roldans are Sounders royalty, and there’s really no debating it. Mom and dad are clearly about as proud as parents could be, and I just love getting to see that. The impacts on the field of the two Broldans have been pretty drastically different, but that hasn’t seemed to have even the slightest impact on either of their shine.

Alex Roldan rolled up to the stadium in an outfit that isn’t going to be for everyone, but I personally really like it. Going all-black with his shirt, pants, and shoes, Roldanito wrapped it all up in a fantastic tan top coat. The fit of the coat is awesome, I really dig the mid-thigh length, and the color adds a warmth to the whole look. The turtleneck has been a pretty hot look for a few years now, and this is an expert example of how to wear and style one. The subtle little cuff on his pants to show a little bit of ankle and create a break between the pants and sneakers is an excellent move. His hair also goes pretty under the radar, but is really good.

As a lover of jewelry, the brothers — along with Jordy Delem — heard my prayers and stepped into the game with matching gold chains. They’re not particularly thick, but they’re nice and long, and they both wear them well.

Cristian Roldan may not have dressed up in the same way his little brother did, but don’t for a second think that means he wasn’t dressin’. Far from the predominantly black look Alex is sporting, Cristian is really channeling the Fall colors with this crimson, white, and cream shirt. I always appreciate color blocking, and the colors look great on Cristian, making this shirt an absolute winner for me. He’s got an even more drastic cuff to his pants, making a nice cropped effect which really draws attention to his blindingly white sneakers. It’s a really great casual look that is accessorized perfectly with the chain around his neck and the belt bag slung over his shoulder.

Jordan Morris
Sounders FC Digital

There’s not a ton going on in this picture, but I’m going to break down what is happening. First of all, after busting out the Converse x Comme des Garcons last game, it’s clear that Jordan Morris hit the Designer section at Nordstrom. Second, I’m still not in love with it, but this cardigan has grown on me as he keeps wearing it. Maybe he’s gotten bigger, but it seems like it fits a little better in the shoulders now. The pockets are kind of cool, but I don’t love the shape and style of the shawl and the placket. Third, and maybe most importantly, I appreciate that he’s letting his Jesus chain hang out. I just hope that he gets it a friend sometime soon. Maybe after he wins another MLS Cup?

Víctor Rodríguez
Sounders FC Digital

Víctor Rodríguez has returned to the field, and now he’s made his return to this column. I really like this shirt. I do, I think it’s great. The green color and gold floral pattern is really nice, but I don’t love it being worn with the collar open like this. A spread collar like that is meant to be worn with a tie — preferably with a good, full knot to fill up the spread. Wearing it so you can see the t-shirt underneath just looks a little odd. Still, I’m glad to see him.

Raúl Ruidíaz
Sounders FC Digital

Raúl Ruidíaz has a smile that could probably raise the dead, frankly. He loves those chompers, which is why he’s constantly posting about his dentist when he’s back in Peru. As much as he loves his teeth, he might love relatively reasonably-priced European sportswear brands even more. Faded joins SikSilk in Raúl’s extensive t-shirt collection. For this game he also broke out a cool black chain, and swapped out some of his flashier earrings for these black hoops that match his chain. The jewelry compliments his jacket and tee simply and expertly, like a Ruidíaz goal from inside the 6-yard box.

Román Torres and son
Sounders FC Digital

Román Torres often arrives to the stadium with his son, but this time his son managed to out dress him. Torres paired up a cool pair of plaid pants with ... a costume from Destiny, or maybe some post-apocalyptic snow world? I don’t know. It’s weird, I don’t love it, but you know, whatever. It’s Román Torres for Christ’s sake.

Now, for the real star of this photo: Adriano Torres. The kid’s got swagger, I’ll tell you that. This letter jacket is an outstanding look. The gold color is great, it’s bright and warm, as if it were made of spun sunshine. With a cool graphic tee and joggers, he looks sharp and comfortable. His hair is great, good taste in barbers must run in the family. To make his whole ensemble even better, someone packed him a nice snack in a lunchbag for while his dad’s working.

Hopefully we get one more round of these before the season’s over, but even if we don’t this won’t be the last we see of each other before next season. What did you think of the playoff looks?

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